Travel Photo Gallery – October 14, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Suzy H.
Destination: Venice
About this photo: A late afternoon on the Grand Canal in Venice. My husband and myself took a recent (Sept 09) trip to Italy.
Best deal found:
Lanterna di Marco Polo – our lodging in Venice…. great price, location and rooms. Very nice staff as well!!

Submitted by: Lewis P.
Destination: Northern Thailand
About this photo: Made in the village of the Karen Long neck tribe.
Best deal found: Air Asia for cheap flights from Bangkok.

Submitted by: Erin S.
Destination: Whittier, AK
About this photo: Kayaking by glaciers in Prince William Sound out of Whittier, AK
Best deal found: $65 pp for 3 hours guided tour.

Submitted by: Sarju M.
Destination: Mysore, India
About this photo: Vrindavan Garden in Mysore is one of the Biggest gardens in India. The garden gets its water supplies from the Cauvery River Reservoirs.
Best deal found: $1090/adult for direct flight, non-stop from Atlanta to Mumbai/Bombay [India]. Very reasonable restaurants.

Submitted by: Charles L.
Destination: Natl Parks in Utah, AZ and WY
About this photo: We were waiting for Old Faithful to erupt when “Bill the Bison” decided to stroll in front of the Geyser just as it erupted. It was hard decide on which one to take the picture of. So my friend got lucky and got both
Best deal found: Traveling with our friend who had a Golden Age pass which got us in the parks for FREE! It saved us over $200.

Submitted by: Chester O.
Destination: Costa Rica
About this photo:
This was taken in the market in San Isidro de General where local farmers bring in their goods. It was taken using a Canon single reflex digital with a zoom lens.
Best deal found: In this very same market! The food was fresh, mostly organic and very cheap.

Submitted by: Jolyne D.
Destination: Bennett Springs State Park, Lebanon, MO
About this photo: A leisurely paddle down the Niangua River. Enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest.
Best deal found: Two bedroom cabin with BQ, fire pit and HUGE front yard to play in. All for under $120 per night. Had a great view of the space shuttle as it zoomed across the night sky in July 2009. Surrounded by wildlife and gorgeous scenery. Just a short walk (and I do mean walk – did not have to drive to go fishing) from Bennett Springs trout fishing. There is an old church (original to the State Park when constructed in the 1930’s) located in the park. The pastor allowed my grandson to come in and play the piano for the family. He opened the church just so my grandson could play. He did not have to do that. The original dining lodge is still in operation. As we were dining we could look out the huge windows at the rows of hummingbird feeders and watch the show as the birds filled up. The most money we spent on this “close to home” vacation was for dining in the lodge. All of the trails and natural beauty were FREE!

Submitted by: Gary D.
Destination: Asheville NC
About this photo: Biltmore Estate
Best deal found: Unlimited Entrance passes to the House.

Submitted by: John T.
Destination: Idaho
About this photo:
This photo was taken about mid way through a 6 day rafting trip on The Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho on Aug 26 at 6pm.
Best deal found:
The scenery is priceless!


Submitted by: Larry N.
Destination: Coronado Beach, San Diego
About this photo: While at my friends Wedding on the beach, we watched the sunset become awesome. Enjoy!.
Best deal found: Mission Bay Motel 4221 Mission Blvd San Diego, CA 92109, 858-483-6440. We stayed 2 nights at 140.00 per. Best rental car deal, email deals, from Enterprise in Oro Valley, Az

Submitted by: Morris S.
Destination: Sarasota, FL
About this photo: This photo was taken from Ringling Bridge at dusk looking East at Goldne Gate Point and downtown Sarasota.
Best deal found: The best deal we found is we are residents of Sarasota and enjoy this magnificent area everday. The best deal for breakfast is Caragiulo’s on Palm. They serve a variety of homemade stromboli breakfast sandwiches with fresh assorted fruit for $5.

Submitted by: Amy G.
Destination: Tortola, BVI
About this photo: Taken on vacation in July. Tortola, BVI. The Baths – The rock formations on this beach made you stop and wonder “How in the World did this get here” – Beautiful and peaceful place.
Best deal found: R/T airfare from Atlanta was $327 with all fees included. Stayed for free with relatives. To island hop from British Virgin Islands to the US Virgin Islands was $50 R/T on the ferry.

Submitted by:
Susan M.
Destination: Phoenix, AZ
About this photo: This is a picture from Casa Grande National Monument, in Coolidge, AZ, between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. I road-tripped, visiting two ancient Hohokam sites during a long weekend. This three storied house they think was built in around 1300 AD, and stood for six centuries prior to becoming a national monument. The park has more ruins, a picnic area and a museum with a short movie about the site.
Best deal found: Entrance into Casa Grande national monument–5.00 dollars. The picnic in the clean shelters with a great mountain view is whatever one makes it.

Submitted by: Carol H.
Destination: Glacier National Park
About this photo: This is Lake Sherburne in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park on the east side.
Best deal found: The National Park Passes are always a great deal, seven days for $25.

Submitted by: Edgar C.
Destination: Rosana, SP Brasil
About this photo: Rosana is located in Sao Paulo State, about 500 miles west from the city of Sao Paulo. It sits in the limits of Matto Groso State and Paraná State. Rio Paraná serves as state line.
Best deal found: Hotel accommodations are very inexpensive. Many islands in the Paraná River (2.5 miles wide) attract fishermen.

Submitted by: Lalitha A.
Destination: Amsterdam Netherlands
About this photo: The row of houses was very colorful and I captured this while taking a boat ride in one of the canals right in front of the railway station. Stunning architecture of the buildings was awesome!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Mike S.
Destination: Honduras
About this photo: A small group from First Baptist Church Raleigh traveled to El Carrizo Honduras to build classrooms and a house. This photo was from the homesite with the children lending a hand.
Best deal found: As Americans — we get caught up with “stuff”. More to life than stuff.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Little River Canyon Falls, Fort Payne,Al
About this photo: Went on a Little road trip to northern Al.There are many wonderful waterfalls in this area.
Best deal found: Just a tank of gas,and a large coffee at the McDonald’s

Submitted by: Vincent H.
Destination: Helsinki
About this photo: This is the skyline of Helsinki Finland from a cruse ship headed to Stockholm Sweden.
Best deal found: I found round trip tickets to Boston for 69.00 each way not including taxes. Then I purchased round trip tickets from Boston to Helsinki for 764.00 including taxes.


Submitted by: Lucian V.
Destination: Vietnam
About this photo: This is me holding $1,000,000 dong-2 500,000 bills ($1=18,000 dong)
Best deal found: New Hotels $35 and $40 a night—and traveling with my vietnam friend that I new 40yrs. ago when I was there in the Army–a lot has changed in 40yrs!

Submitted by: Susan M.
Destination: Mammoth Lakes, CA
About this photo: This was taken on our hike around Convict Lake outside of Mammoth Lakes, California.
Best deal found: We used Reno, Nevada airport as our gateway and stayed at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino. For $79 we had a nice room, full breakfast and free airport shuttle.

Submitted by: Allison L.
Destination: Oahu, HI
About this photo: After a nice Sunday Brunch at a beautiful hotel near the South Shore, our waitress told us to check out the lagoon down below where they have 4 dolphins. A family happened to do a “training with dolphins” that afternoon, and we were able to capture the whole thing up close.
Best deal found: The whole dolphin show was free. We were right there just a few feet away.

Submitted by: Donald R
Destination: Puerto Vallarta, MX
About this photo: Schoolgirls on their lunch break on the boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Best deal found: Volunteering to hatch baby sea turtles at the Puerto Vallarta Sea Turle Preservation Project was a lot of fun and it was free!

Submitted by: Malessa P.
Destination: Cancun, Mexico
About this photo: This was a picture of the lovely view of the Gulf of Mexico beautiful weather from our hotel.
Best deal found: We would get on the bus route R-2 and go into the city and go have breakfast lunch, and sometimes dinner at WALMART! They have a fabulous selection of local traditional mexican food for a great price, super cheap and delicious. They also have a SAMS Club so take your sams card with you they had a great deal 1 large pizza, 4 soft drinks, an order of fries and chips for $13 USD. Amazing You cannot beat that.

Submitted by: Dave S.
Destination: Zambia, Botswana & South Africa
About this photo: The sunsets in Africa were spectacular, but this one taken on the Chobe River in the northern part of Botswana, was the best of them all.
Best deal found: The trip to Africa was not cheap, but it was worth every penny for the experience. It is truly one of those “trips of a lifetime.” I was not all that sold on this trip, preferring Europe instead. But now that I have experienced it, I already want to start saving my money to get back there again! That said, once we got to Capetown in South Africa, the dollar still has strong buying power because of the exchange rate vs. the Rand. Cheers!

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