Travel Photo Gallery – October 1, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Jennifer R.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found: The food we bought from the vendors for the pigeons at St. Mark’s Square!

Submitted by: Eric C.
Destination: Kauai, HI
Best deal found: Best deal was using our Starwood points to stay at the Princeville Resort for one night.We also found a small coffee shop called Java Kai where they served the best coffee. The staff was great! This picture was taken our last night there about 4 hours before our flight took off…

Submitted by: Gary B.
Destination: Hungzhou China
Best deal found: Yearly National Park pass gets access for the year to all National Parks and monuments for one low price.

Submitted by: Kathy F.
Destination: Cancun
Best deal found: We found several…Staying at an all-inclusive resort on the beach…taking public transportation to town-50 cents each way…no extra charge for waking up every morning to a view like this-priceless!

Submitted by: Cheri J.
Destination: Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica
Best deal found: The tour of Paos Volcano made through Courtyard Marriott in San Jose. The tour was wonderful, the tour guide took us to an excellent small authentic restaurant in the Mountains after the tour. La Mariposa Hotel near Manuel Antonio National Park has the most beautiful views anywhere!

Submitted by: Tom K.
Destination: Annecy, France
Best deal found: Annecy (pronounced ahn-see) is known as “the little Venice” for its picturesque canals and streetscapes. Found between Lyon and Geneva, Annecy sits in the foothills of the Alps, where the views are breathtaking and free. Everything else is expensive.

Submitted by: Janet M.
Destination: Grand Canyon
Best deal found: I am not sure this was a deal, but this was the best trip I think I have ever taken. We flew to Phoenix and went to the Grand Canyon and hiked down to the bottom, spent the night at the Phantom Ranch and hiked back to the top the next day. The pix I sent is of an Agave plant and in the background is the trail.


Submitted by: Colleen P.
Destination: Spain and Morocco
Best deal found: Thought you might enjoy this picture of a “fast food” stall in the Medina, Fez, Morocco’s sprawling marketplace. I think I’d rather have a Big Mac!

Submitted by:
Tim F.
Destination: Sedona, AZ
Best deal found: America the Beautiful Annual National Parks/Federal Recreational Lands Pass. Covers fees (entrance/parking) for most Federal recreational sites for one year – $80. Seniors get one for $10, disabled persons get theirs free, both for life!!

Submitted by: Sandra C.
Destination: Top Sail Island, NC
Best deal found: The house that we rented, great price and clean. It was through Access Realty. We had a wonderful time just riding bikes and they have a Sea Turtle Rehab there on the island that is free…. you tour it and they show you some of the turtles and tale their stories of how they ended up there.

Submitted by:
Crystal P.
Destination: San Diego
Best deal found: Without question the HUGE bean burrito and Horchata from the authentic mexican drive through!!!! Do we have one of those in Atlanta, Clark? Please tell me we do! I keep craving it, as I have not tasted a burrito as good since.

Submitted by: Joseph L.
Destination: Southern Oregon
Best deal found: When leaving Medford, Oregon on the way to Crater Lake, we were told to stop along the way at a place called Beckie’s! We did and were we glad we did. Beckie’s makes 14 different homemade pies, 3 are seasonal (Huckelberry, Strawberry and Peach). We had the Huckelberry and it was Fantastic!!! A great stop along the way to Crater Lake. P.S. The burger we had for lunch was great too.

Submitted by: Angela S.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found: We adored Venice, It was perfect. We were there in September, weather was great. Spent 5 days there. We found the best way to get to the different islands was by public transportation. There is a transit map that looks like any mass transit map only its by boat. It was lots of fun. We took a short train trip to Padua. If you travel in Italy by train, you must validate your ticket before you board the train even if you just purchased it. There are these little machines that you put your ticket in and it stamps it. Sometimes the machines are not so easy to find. We had a conductor who wanted to give us a summons for not having our ticket validated. We did not know they were supposed to be.

Submitted by: Melissa B.
Destination: Walt Disney World
Best deal found: Over the past few years, Disney has been offering their dining plan for FREE if you stay on a Disney resort from around the end of August – end of September. The dining plan consists of 1 snack, 1 table service meal, and 1 quick service meal per person per day for every night you stay in the hotel. It was so much food, we bought nothing else out of pocket the whole time we were there. Also, we went before my daughter was 3, so she was still free for the parks. So we ate BIG for free the whole trip. Also, since this is low season for Disney, the room prices were cheap as well. We stayed in the value resorts and got connecting rooms so we could have a vacation from the kids in the evening!

Submitted by:
Rebecca F.
Destination: Luzern, Switzerland
Best deal found: Mt. Pilatus, Luzern, Switzerland

Submitted by:
Darla B.
Destination: Paradise Island, Bahamas
Best deal found: Royal caribbean Cruise $139.00
Roundtrip airfare: $79.00
Cab fare to Atlantis $4.00
Bargain Vacations-Priceless

Submitted by:
Sara I.
Destination: Yucatan
Best deal found:


…and now, the next installment in the adventures of Dana F. and his 1976 bicentennial Appalachian Trail hike!
Submitted by:
Dana F.
Destination: Appalachian Trail
Best deal found: Here we are on the first day trying to figure out which way to go. We saved a bunch of money on not using a GPS.


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