Travel Photo Gallery – November 26, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners, week of November 26, 2008.

Submitted by: Connie S.
Destination: Italy
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Linda T.
Destination: Saskatchewan
Best deal found: My nephew goes fishing in Saskatchewan every year and the best deal here was the many free dinners the trout would offer!

Submitted by: Robin W.
Destination: Fushimi-Inari Shrine in Kyoto, Japan
Best deal found: USD $ 130.00 room rate at Fujiya Hotel in Hakone, Japan (near Mt. Fuji). This was a special room rate for foreigners – Since the Fujiya Hotel was 130 years old this year, this is what foreigners pay in their currency. (Must arrange for this rate prior to leaving the USA) Room was absolutely huge and it was charming.

Submitted by: Rodger B.
Destination: Rhine River – Germany
Best deal found: Stayed with friends – cheap accommodations. Flight wasn’t too pricy as booked late night on internet.

Submitted by: Michael W.
Destination: Auckland New Zeland
Best deal found: The FLIGHT! Flew round trip on Air New Zealand for $528.00US (From LAX). New Zealand was AMAZING!!!!

Submitted by: Vian B.
Destination: Panama City, Panama
Best deal found: City tour and any transportation by cab between $8-$10 USD per HOUR. Don’t get it thru the hotel, find cabs on the street. Don’t expect air conditioned car. p.s. notice the “Bridge of the Americas” in the background of the picture, Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal.

Submitted by: Cathie B.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found: Don’t really think anything was cheap in Italy. But we stayed at a great little place called Pensione Guerrato. You can also haggle with the vendors on something you want to buy and if they don’t come down to a price your comfortable with just walk around you’ll find someone else selling the same thing who is willing to haggle. It was an amazing beautiful time and well worth the price.


Submitted by:
Ken L.
Destination: Bahamas
Best deal found: Window stateroom on four day cruise for $119 total!

Submitted by: Karen J.
Destination: Pisa, Italy
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Rebecca F.
Destination: Jekyll Island, GA
Best deal found: Some natives on Jekyll Island, GA.

Submitted by:
Karen S.
Destination: Titusville, Fl
Best deal found: Always affordable on Airtan!

Submitted by: Pepper B.
Destination: Puno, Peru
Best deal found: Used Delta miles and worked with Maria Nunez of Peru Tourism in Lima who put together a 17 day itinerary for the amazing sum of $2800. This particular photo was taken while visiting the Uros Floating Islands in Lake Titicaca.

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Colorado
Best deal found: It looks like the surface of Mars but it is actually at a Dude Ranch in Colorado.

Submitted by: Britton H.
Destination: St. Maarten
Best deal found: $211 Roundtrip Airfare from Atlanta to St. Maarten and $100/night at an excellent, highly-rated beachfront hotel, because we went during the off-season (August). Extraordinary views like this volcanic rock formation are free!

Submitted by: Timothy M.
Destination: Atlanta, GA
Best deal found: This is Stone Mountain. Ok deal for what’s offered but the best deal was The Cyclorama, A late 1800’s huge painting of the Civil War in circular shape. Sounds strange but very interesting. Only $6.00.

Submitted by: Earle A.
Destination: 9-Day NCL Cruise – Antigua
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Mary S.
Destination: Winchester, UK
Best deal found: The Mecure Wessex Hotel is city centre and a great deal.


Submitted by: Steve D.
Destination: Blue Ridge Parkway
Best deal found: Linville Falls, its free and awesome

Submitted by: Michael W.
Destination: Nordkapp, Norway
Best deal found: Through Vantage Travel as part of their Grand Norwegian Coastal Voyage… Airfare, 12 day cruise, and 2 days in Bergan Norway for $3,219.00 pp…..


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