Travel Photo Gallery – November 18, 2009

This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.) Leave your comments below!


Submitted by: Kathleen K.
Destination: San Quirico D’Orcia, Italy
About this photo: San Quirico is one of the many well preserved medieval walled towns that we encountered when driving around Tuscany. This particular one was the highlight of our trip: grape arbors, historic buildings, women hanging their wash out of their 11th century homes, etc. It’s not just a tourist town, real people live their daily lives here. This is the main church at the top of the hill in the center of town.
Best deal found: The Palazzo Del Capitan, where we stayed for 3 nights. Got the recommendation from Fodor’s forum, and it was the best advice in the world. We had a great view of the vinyard, and went down to a beautiful breakfast spread with coffee and papers in the morning. So much charm.

Submitted by: Greg P.
Destination: Copper Mountain, Colorado
About this photo: The small ski village at Copper Mountain, pictured here late at night while new snow accumulates on the slopes.
Best deal found: Free third night if you get a lift/lodge package, rates are low now at the beginning of the season.

Submitted by: Kate M.
Destination: Rocktown Trail, Northwest Georgia
About this photo: The Rocktown hiking trail near LaFayette GA has an endless amount of crazy sandstone formations, along with caves and cliffs you can climb. The trail was flat, so it was easy for those who wanted to keep it easy, but the kids enjoyed scrambling up and down the rock walls.
Best deal found: Free admission to the park.

Submitted by: Dennis B.
Destination: Big Bend, Texas
About this photo:
This is a pic. of the Rio Grande, between Terlinqua Texas and Presidio Texas. It is said that the Rio Grande was much larger here, but towns, ranches and larger cities take much of the water for public use before it reaches this spot.
Best deal found: The entry fee to the Big Bend Natl. park was about $5. There is a wealth of scenery within the park.

Submitted by: Ruthanne R.
Destination: Australia
About this photo: At Alice Springs, Aboriginal women use acrylic on canvas to express their ancient pictographs. They work sitting on mats on the red desert sand. The paintings, for sale to tourists, supplement their family incomes. This is Audrey displaying a painting representing the “bush tomato,” a natural desert food source for her people.
Best deal found: Hot meat pie lunches purchased at local bakeries for about $8.50 AUD. ($16-$25 for lunch at local cafes)

Submitted by: Doug F.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: This was taken of an injured but still fierce looking owl in a forest area near Ketchican, Alaska. We traveled to this area via a cruise in July of 2009.
Best deal found: If you watch the cruise line prices and get on their mailing lists you will get a heads up on special pricing. After we signed up for this trip the prices rose nearly doubling as we got closer to departure time.

Submitted by: Kristi R.
Destination: Austin, TX
About this photo: Austin, TX is home to the largest urban bat colony in the U.S. During the warm months the bats live under Congress Street bridge over Lake Lady Bird. The bats begin to venture out from underneath the bridge at sunset. The exodus begins as a trickle then becomes a steady flow which can last for more than an hour. This is a photo of a Capital Cruise “bat boat” under the Congress Street bridge just before the bats began leaving the bridge on October 30, 2009.
Best deal found: Most people who come to see the bats watch the exodus from the banks or from the bridge. The “bat boat” was only $8 for an adult and takes visitors in for a close up view of the bats and the underside of the bridge. This was a great experience and it’s either free or $8. What a deal for an hour’s worth of entertainment!

Submitted by: Leah L.
Destination: Colorado Springs, CO
About this photo:
De-icing in Denver in May. The first time ever I’d seen it done.
Best deal found:
Best deal, bargain airfare thanks to Clark’s postings.

Submitted by: Crystal C.
Destination: St. Simons Island, GA
About this photo: Here are my beautiful girls (5 and 1) enjoying the beautful beach on St. Simon’s Island.
Best deal found: SSI is still very residential and it has a lot of beautiful nature to enjoy without spending anything extra. My best deal for this trip was actually spent on my girls clothes for the summer, including the $1, matching, BRAND NEW bathing suits from Old Navy that they are wearing in this picture. Who said you have to spend a lot of money to look cute?

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