Travel Photo Gallery – November 12, 2008

This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery
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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. Clark will comment on one photo each week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.) Leave YOUR comments below!

Submitted by: Davis O.
Destination: Real de Catorce, San Luís Potosí, México
Best deal found: The Mexican Peso! The exchange rate was 13.5 to the Dollar, an improvement of over 1/3 since I was there just 1 month ago. And with the level of service you get from the great people of Mexico, it makes any event even that much more or a value.

Submitted by: Jurate J.
Destination: Lake
Best deal found: It didn’t cost a cent!

Submitted by: Jennifer L
Destination: Lake Seminole, Georgia
Best deal found: FREE lakeside petting zoo with some amazing, entertaining, eager to be fed, animals!!

Submitted by: Regina D.
Destination: Tennessee Smokey Mountains
Best deal found: Gas prices are down!!

Submitted by: Lalitha A.
Destination: Prague Czech Republic
Best deal found: Free music on Charles bridge was quite entertaining after long walks around Prague.

Submitted by: Mike P.
Destination: Cefalu, Sicily
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Greg R.
Destination: Etosha National Park Namibia
Best deal found: Local art: wood carvings, rugs, potery. It was a fantastic visit. The wildlife was fantastic.

Submitted by: Marty P.
Destination: Florida
Best deal found: Received 100 dollar credit for Universal for sitting through timeshare sales pitch.

Submitted by:
Linda T.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found: The Mediterranean transatlantic cruise was a repostioning one and they are always the best deals.

Submitted by: Christian K.
Destination: Triple falls, Dupont State Forest, NC
Best deal found: Chedder’s restaurant in Asheville & the Dupont state forest is free of charge.

Submitted by: James S.
Destination: St. Louis, MO
Best deal found: Landry’s Seafood, a great place to eat….

Submitted by:
Nellie T.
Destination: San Francisco, CA/Travis AFB
Best deal found: For those with military connections and access to Base….The Westwind Inn on Travis AFB, Fairfield, California.. $52.00 a nite for a master bedroom and another bedroom with 2 double beds both have TVs/fully furnished kitchen with baby high chair/living room with sofa and 2 recliners/washer and dryer..lots of room and amenities!

Submitted by: Pamela E.
Destination: Bryce Canyon Utah
Best deal found: We got great airfare by flying to Vegas late at night. We rented an RV and spent a week in southern Utah and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. The RV trip was very affordable as we ate most of our meals there and packed lunch for during the day. Campgrounds are usually less than $25/day. Planning this trip was a family event in itself.

Submitted by: Stephanie D.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Best deal found: This beautiful view from the Rainforest.

Submitted by: Wally P.
Destination: Glacier National Park
Best deal found: $25.00 Park entrance fee per car for an entire week, as most Natiaonl parks charge.

Submitted by: Robert H.
Destination: Ellijay,Ga
Best deal found: Apples were great, but the Fall colors were memorable!!, and were free

Submitted by:
Catherine E.
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
Best deal found: Club ABC tours offered a great deal for a 2 week trip (could be extended); the African Safari was fantastic, too. Cape Town harbor with Table Mountain in the background.

Submitted by:
Gail G.
Destination: Honolulu, Hawaii
Best deal found: While visiting my best friend in Hawaii, we went to the ALOHA TOWERS SHOPPING CENTER. (As the picture shows the actual tower) I found an absolute bargain in HOOTERS. They have a “before happy hour” menu where the prices of ALL the food is more than half off. And you can eat and drink for nearly nothing for that hour. We went just about everyday and ate and drank. It was awesome.

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