Travel Photo Gallery – November 11, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Perry M.
Destination: Dixon NM
About this photo: This shot of a remote adobe home located between Taos and Santa Fe says it all about the magic of our stay in Dixon NM. A storm had just passed through and I caught a magnificent rainbow pointing directly down on our little pot of gold. What a gem.
Best deal found: I’m a “give me your best price” junkie. The wife just rolls her eyes at this habit. I got the owner of this home to come off her online weekly rate by almost half just by aking her is that the best you can do. It’s always a buyers market in my book. Clark would have been proud.

Submitted by: Kate M.
Destination: Pettijohn’s Cave, Pigeon Mtn, GA
About this photo: This is Pettijohn’s Cave in NW Georgia. You crawl into a little hole in the ground, and within a few feet it opens up into this amazing underground cavern that goes on and on. The cave was pitch black inside, but a 4-second exposure with two flashlights on the walls yielded this shot. We couldn’t believe that the photo came out like this, since it didn’t look that way at all when we were inside it.
Best deal found: Caving and hiking among amazing rock formations all day…Free!

Submitted by: Robert G.
Destination: Dzibanche, Mexico
About this photo: We had a picnic lunch on this pyramid.
Best deal found:
Hotel room for $38/night.

Submitted by: Suzanne N.
Destination: Buena Vista, CO
About this photo: We visited the little town of Buena Vista,Co in late Oct. This photo was taken on Cottonwood Lake Rd. We stayed in a cabin nearby.
Best deal found: The best deal we found was at Quincy’s Steak & Spirits. They had Prime rib dinners for $9.95 and Filet mignon dinners for $7.95.

Submitted by: Roland W.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo: This picture was take on a secluded beach, near my cousin’s house, county of Waterford Old parish 15 miles from the town of Dungarvan.
Best deal found: None I was in the house of my cousin.

Submitted by: June V.
Destination: Oregon
About this photo: Very vocal residents of Newport, Oregon.
Best deal found: We paid to go to the Sea Lion Cave north of Florence…which was interesting….but they weren’t home. 1/4 mile up the coast, there was a pull off with a view of a strip of beach that had 200+ sea lions sunning – free. Continuing to Newport, we found this group (about 15) sunning and fussing on a floating dock just below the main pier!!! Close enough to touch and FREE!!!!

Submitted by: Tony V.
Destination: Austria
About this photo:
I was on a business trip in January. This was the view outside the restaurant.
Best deal found: Planning the plane trip in advance.

Submitted by: Ben P.
Destination: Yellowstone National Park
About this photo: These are the Lower Falls heading the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone. It was mid-May. Some parts of the park were still closed because of snow but all-in-all Gorgeous!
Best deal found: We enjoyed eating at “The Virginian” in Jackson and the Signal Mountain Lodge. Both were reasonably priced (even for Clark!) and the food and service were superb!

Submitted by: Katie K.
Destination: Atlanta Zoo, GA
About this photo: This was taken in the lion exhibit at the Atlanta Zoo. This specific lion was still a cub at the time. He was taking a drink out of a puddle of water when he saw me taking his picture through the glass.
Best deal found: Tickets were about $18 each, so we packed our lunch before we left to save money.


Submitted by: Wende B.
Destination: Gulf Shores Alabama
About this photo: On a recent camping trip across Wyoming we kept seeing great lengths of wooden snow fences. They sure made us happy that we were not traveling in the winter! I found them fascinating so I finally had a chance to get up close to one.
Best deal found: Best deal we found on this trip was pulling into a marina parking lot at a reservoir during a rain/lightning storm and spending the night for FREE! The bathroom was still open so we had everything we needed for the night! We travel in our 1990 3/4 ton GMC van that we have outfitted for camping. Still going strong with 288,000 miles under her tires!

Submitted by: Harold S.
Destination: Sacramento CA.
About this photo: I was traveling to Sacramento CA. and as I passed through Salt Lake City Utah I just had to stop and take this picture of the sunset over the Great Salt Lake.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Eric K.
Destination: Cozumel, Mexico
About this photo: My wife and I visited Cozumel Mexico for our seventh anniversary in October of 2009. On the first official morning of our stay, I opened the curtains to view the beautiful ocean from our room to find rainbow. If you look close you will actually see two of them. When the boat was in view, it seemed like the perfect shot!.
Best deal found: Palace Resort in Cozumel, Mexico. 2 Adults 5 days 4 nights All Inclusive Airfair from Charlotte (layover in Dallas) Ground Transportation. $1700.00 Bought on Orbitz.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Oak Mountain State Park
About this photo: Oak Mountain State Park in AL. This picture was taken at sunset.
Best deal found: $3.00 park fee.

Submitted by: Kenneth S.
Destination: Whistler, BC Canada
About this photo The hotel that is a ski in/out located on Blackcomb MTM in Whistler, BC Canada. This was taken Nov 7, 09 during morning snow fall. Early snow fall before the ski season opens.
Best deal found: I only paid just over $500 for round trip flight to Vancouver through Seattle.

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