Travel Photo Gallery – March 25, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)


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Submitted by: Crama K
Destination: Kenya, East Africa
Best deal found: Once you get to Kenya, EVERYTHING is a deal…….. this is where God goes to see His “Momma N Them”…….. the people are beautiful, kind and friendly; the food is fresh & wonderfully full of aromas & clean, just-harvested tastes; God is EVERYWHERE! Also, your money will go a llllllooooooonnnnngggggg way towards allowing you to stay in luxury and you will be waited on hand and foot, no matter what level of travel you choose. I will spend the rest of my life making/saving money to return to Africa!

Submitted by: Brenda F.
Destination: Mt. Rainier, Washington state
Best deal found: Free! In Winter there are no park fees, so you drive on and and enjoy the park via bike or walking. Beautiful place.

Submitted by: Dety C.
Destination: Orange Beach, Alabama
Best deal found:  This is my nephew, from Atlanta, Ga., down visiting. He was swimming underwater and I used a cheap “throwaway” 1-time use camera in a sealed, plastic container. I just held it underwater and started snapping pictures. This one is the best that turned out.

Submitted by: Brenda F.
Destination: Blarney Castle in Blarney, Ireland
Best deal found: No deals, everything was expensive!

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Tanzania
Best deal found: Arranging the safari through a tour company in Tanzania rather than using a company based in the states resulted in a savings of more than 50% for the exact same itinerary, lodges and flights.


Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Costa Rica
Best deal found:  Taking a shower in Costa Rica.

Submitted by: JP D.
Destination: Prague, Czech Republic
Best deal found:
SkyMiles and Marriott Points!

Submitted by:  Mark H.
Destination: Huahin, Thailand
Best deal found: Thai Baht from an ATM instead of a currency exchange booth, Thanks Clark.

Submitted by: Michael P.
Destination: Toccoa, GA
Best deal found:  Home type Meals at Sheryl’s restaurant!

Submitted by: Bob C.
Destination: Destin, FL
Best deal found: Staying for free at relative’s beachfront condo.

Submitted by: Colleen D.
Destination: Walt Disney World 2009
Best deal found: Birthday Celebration at Disneyworld… Free $75 gift card to Birthday person or entrance to park for the day…. It was a great offer from Disneyworld for 2009…We are Fl Resident Season Ticket holders so my husband on his birthday chose the gift certificate… It was a great trip….

Submitted by: 
Jean M.
Destination: Machu Picchu Ruins/ Aguas Calientes, Peru
Best deal found:

Submitted by:  Steve M.
Destination: Australia
Best deal found:  Airefare

Submitted by:  Rebecca F.
Destination: Costa Rica
Best deal found: Costa Rica water fall

Submitted by: Janie R.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Best deal found:  Used FF miles into San Juan, drove to Dorado and found everything not only convenient but affordable as well.


Submitted by: Pat W.
Destination: New home
Best deal found: We just moved into our new home and showing the beautiful and rare winter snowstorm

Submitted by: Brittany P.
Destination: Daytona Beach, FL
Best deal found:  e stayed with my Dad so that was free! Really the best deal is the beach! Its free and there are some free parking areas where you can walk down to the beach. We packed a lunch every day and took a cooler. We basically didn’t need anything else! It was a great vacation!!

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