Travel Photo Gallery – March 17, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Jill G.
Destination: Iceland
About this photo: This is just one of the great Water falls in Iceland. I flew to Iceland last year. A round trip ticket cost me under 600. It is an amazing place. Most people speak English and the countryside is full of hot springs, geysers, glaciers, water falls, lava fields. It is just beautiful.
Best deal found: Air fare under $600 round trip and the dollar goes a long way there. Fly out of Minneapolis,MN.

Submitted by: John C.
Destination: Shanghai, China
About this photo: We were in the “Old Town”, west of Shanghai by about 40 miles. It was lunchtime and I saw two Chinese Army Soldiers walking towards me. They were on their way to eat lunch. I grabbed my trusty Canon 4.0 Mpxl, and I got a casual shot. There was something about the couple, though. It was almost as though they were dating. I captioned the picture “Hu’s in Love?”.
Best deal found: Business Class on Delta all the way from ATL to PVG….. seeing the world on the company’s dime, priceless.

Submitted by: R. Gates
Destination: New Zealand
About this photo: View of Auckland in January. We took off the next day for a cruise from there to Tasmania and ending in Sydney.
Best deal found:
Comfort our own stateroom every night after the excursions of the day.

Submitted by: Lauren O.
Destination: Hong Kong
About this photo: This was taken from the Kowloon side of the harbor during the nightly Symphony of Lights that is coordinated among the skyscrapers of Hong Kong.
Best deal found: You can take the historic Star Ferry across the harbor for about 35 cents.

Submitted by: Frank Y.
Destination: Bali, Indonesia
About this photo: Saw this little girl in front of a Circle K in Bali, Indonesia.
Best deal found: The Le Meridien Nirwana Golf and Spa Resort had a great deal for $72.00 per night (which included breakfast for two), but I just checked the price on and it is now $89.00 per weekday, still a great deal for a 5 star hotel. By the way, it is very safe and reasonable in Bali.

Submitted by: Kristie S.
Destination: Phoenix, AZ
About this photo: This picture was taken on a morning hike up Camelback Mountain. It is a challenging hike but very worth the scenery and views…Breathtaking!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Benjamin M.
Destination: Glasgow, UK
About this photo: By car, 30 minutes outside of Glasgow, UK, this picture was taken in March near Luss and overlooks Loche Lomond.
Best deal found: Any B&B will include a full Scottish breakfast. Look for room only bookings versus per person. The deals are there for the taking.

Submitted by: Dennis C.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: My wife and I took cruise to Alaska last year. One of our tours was whale watching, and we were fortunate enough to see a mother whale teaching her young calf (which the naturalist told us was unusual to see in Alaska since most of their training occurs in warmer waters). We have many photos like this one where the mother is doing maneuvers and the calf then copies what the mother did. You can see the calf peeking out in left side of the picture.
Best deal found: After I booked our cruise, I kept checking back with Carnival and saw that they were offering better and better deals. We ended up with a balcony suite on highest deck for less than $900 for the 7 day cruise.

Submitted by: Vicki H.
Destination: Scottsdale, AZ
About this photo: A wonderful week visiting family and attending a quarter horse show.
Best deal found: I booked a flight through on on-line deal and got an airplane seat that I was discouraged with, until I boarded and found out that the “last row” is actually better! It has more leg room 🙂


Submitted by: Thomas B.
Destination: Tucson, Az.
About this photo: Eighteenth hole on del Lago Golf Club… plenty of desert surrounds these golf holes.
Best deal found: Golf rates everywhere!

Submitted by: Shyam M.
Destination: Honolulu, HI
About this photo: We went driving to the north side of Honolulu, HI. It was evening and while sightseeing, we saw this picture perfect setting near the mountains. We had to get out and take in this breathtaking scenery.
Best deal found: Better to rent a car and go sight seeing than to hire a tour. They don’t show you everything and don’t stop where you want to and it’s cheaper if you a group.

Submitted by: Ronald W.
Destination: Cebu, Phillipines
About this photo: This photo was taken in the Phillipines when the snow was crazy in Georgia. The temperature was 87 degrees with a humidity that made it feel like 93 degrees.
Best deal found: I had a Show-fer (driver) for 300 Pesos a day from around 9 a.m. until, which was the going rate. I highly recommend getting a driver and renting a vehicle. I suggest never drive yourself. The great thing about this driver was that he could drive like Jeff Gordon. This driver did things that I wouldn’t do playing a XBOX 360. :O)

Submitted by: Alan D.
Destination: Bahamas
About this photo: This picture reviews the beauty of Amelia Island on boat going out to a small island to see the horses.
Best deal found: Best deal hotels, food, and events

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