Travel Photo Gallery – June 16, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)


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Submitted by: Mark O.
Destination: Hilton Head Island, SC
About this photo:
I had just parked my car and was walking to my hotel room when I saw this beautiful Crane. He was hunting for minnows in a little pond. I went and got my camera and took this picture of him.
Best deal found: This past week I was on Hilton Head Island for business, so my hotel room was paid for by my company. Rather than drive back home, I stayed over the weekend so I could finish my work on Monday. I had my wife come down to stay so we could go to the beach. We were approached by a young man who offered us $80 cash plus 3 days and 2 nights at the Holiday Inn for free if we would listen to “sales pitch” on a vacation club membership the next day. The next day, we left all money and check books at the hotel, and we went to the meeting. One hour later we walked out with our $80 cash and a certificate for our Holiday Inn stay. We had a great weekend.

Submitted by: Ron M.
Destination: Curacao
About this photo: Took the photo while scuba diving off the coast of Curacao. The fish were so abundant on this dive that you could turn in any direction and get a good shot.
Best deal found: We rented a condo through vacation rental by owner ( from a couple who lives in New Jersey. It cost us $100 per night with no taxes or fees.

Submitted by: Brad M.
Destination: Page, Arizona
About this photo: This picture is from Antelope Canyon in northern Arizona. The canyon is on the Navajo Reservation and led by Navajo guides. Our guide Debra was great and showed us where all the nice shots were. If you are a photographer, this is a ” must do” place. Thanks! Brad
Best deal found: Real Native American crafts and Navajo rugs are sold at very decent prices at Monument Valley Visitor’s Center. Much cheaper than the tourist trap trading posts. I caught a sale on genuine hand made Navajo rugs there and got a nice $1000.00 rug for about $650.00.

Submitted by: Deni P.
Destination: Venice, Italy
About this photo:
I took this photo in Venice 2 days ago. Even though the high season hasn’t technically started yet, the San Marco district and Grand Canal were already crowded. If you prefer more peaceful ambiance, avoid Venice in summer and make sure to visit smaller Murano, Burano and Torcello islands.
Best deal found:
Skip the gondola tour which costs about 80 EUR and is not very romantic. The canals are crowded and drunk college kids get loud. Use public transportation as locals do. You can buy passes for 24, 36, 48, etc hours at the Actv booth at Piazzle Roma. Actv is the name of the company that runs local transportation. I bought 48-hour pass for 28 EUR and used it on ferries as well as buses. Just 1 ferry ride costs 6 EUR and 1 bus ticket 1.10 EUR. Definitely visit Palazzo Ducale but buy your ticket online in order to avoid a long wait. The secret tour is the best but sells out a month out.

Submitted by: Lonny K.
Destination: Washington DC
About this photo: Taken at the WWII Memorial
Best deal found: The Metro

Submitted by: Nick C.
Destination: The Keys, Florida
About this photo: Watching the sunset from Sunset Pier in Mallory Square in Key West.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: McGill D.
Destination: Dolomite Mountains, Italy
About this photo: The unbelievable Dolomite Mountains in North Italy
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park.
About this photo: This shoot was taken early in the morning…
Best deal found: I rented a mid size car thru priceline for $11.00 a day..Love that website.

Submitted by: John B
Destination: Sequoia State Park
About this photo: The General Sherman tree in the center of the 3 trees, is the largest mass of tree in the world and it is 2200 years old! Look at the size of the people in the photo! The photo doesn’t do it justice!
Best deal found: The motel in Three Rivers California gave us an AARP rate of $59 a night and they had a great contintental breakfast in the morning. We sat outside and ate on a warm sunny morning and headed up the mountain to see big trees!

Submitted by: Pam B.
Destination: Sequoia National Park, California
About this photo: We drove for an hour and up to 15,000 feet elevation to see snow and huge sequoia trees. This picture was taken from our car looking out over the mountain as we were descending. What an awesome view of God’s handiwork!
Best deal found: The Western Holiday Lodge in Three Rivers California gave us an AARP rate of $59 a night. The room was clean and the continental breakfast was great and we sat outside and ate it on a beautiful morning, before we headed to the park!

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