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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners the week of June 11, 2008.

Submitted by: Lorie M.
Destination: Negril, Jamaica
Best deal found: We stayed at a Sandals all-inclusive resort for our honeymoon in May. Not a great deal there, but worth every penny to be waited on hand and foot for a whole week. Amazingly beautiful beaches and sunsets. This was just one of the awesome sunsets, taken from our balcony. Lorie M.

Submitted by: Samantha C.
Destination: Thailand, Chang Rye Hill tribe and Laos
Best deal found: The air fare when you are traveling through out Thailand is very cheap, sometimes $69 round trip! Going to Laos is just as cheap! I love Cheap! Had a great time spent the the night with the hill tribe in chang rye then then took a flight to Laos the next day! Wow what a trip! And that is not even the half of it! Take care! Love ya Clark!


Submitted by: Larry A.
Destination: Kauai
Best deal found: for the Auto rental and after attending a Wyndham Resorts Timeshare presentation (which we didn’t give in to!) gave us a Discount Card that was good for a month – GOOD Discounts (25-30%) on many things in the Islands! Picture is of the Napali coast of Kauai from a boat. It is now my computer desktop background.

Submitted by: Zev Y.
Destination: Page, Arizona
Best deal found: Used Marriot Reward Points to get a free hotel

Submitted by: Tom K.
Destination: Cinqueterra, Italy
Best deal found: Manual’s Guesthouse, Monterosso al Mere, on the Cinqueterra. 75 euros per night for 3 of us. Not fancy, but so much fun!

Submitted by: Joseph S.
Destination: Disney World
Best deal found:  Stay on Safari Sheraton on the Sheraton point system, total was $105 for three nights. Airtran Tickets from points on AirTran Visa. Used FF miles. Cost, I think was $3 per ticket? Delta’s award travel costs are too high these days.

Submitted by:
Greg S.
Destination: Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Best deal found: Guided tour through Arenas del Mar Hotel. They have a fantastic naturalist on-site.

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Badlands National Park
Best deal found: National Parks are always a great deal. Buy an annual pass for $80 and go to as many as you can.

Submitted by: Tom M.
Destination: Scottsdale, AZ
Best deal found: Cashing in Frequent Flyer Miles and Reward points to cover two R/T tickets and 5 nights in a Marriott Resort


Submitted by: Thien B.
Destination: New Orleans
Best deal found: Boiled crawfish $1.99 / Lb

Submitted by: Anna K.
Destination: Bar Harbor, Maine
Best deal found: Our place tickets to Boston were $39 there and $49 back. We rented and car… and then drove! :]

Submitted by: Jenny M.
Destination: Japan
Best deal found: Hands down, Edventure Tours (not misspelled, the owner is Ed) is the best deal you can find for a day in Mexico. We snorkeled in caves, and in a tropical lagoon, explored ruins, met a jungle monkey, and ended our day at a FANTASTIC restaurant directly on the beach (sand under our feet!) called La Buena Vida. We were a family of 5, and it all cost under $400, plus the restaurant meal and tip for our driver. Money well spent, and the best bang for the buck.

Submitted by:
Shari M.
Destination: Southwest Colorado
Best deal found: Cabin next to a beautiful Colorado river covered in snow for $100/night!

Submitted by: Rose T.
Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy
Best deal found: The Italian Riviera was the most beautiful location I visited on my Western Mediterranean cruise. Cinque Terre–Five Villages–in the area of LaSpezia, Italy, offered so many breathtaking views. The best deal was using the cruise lines’ credit card points, which deducted $1,000 of the cost of the cruise.

Submitted Submitted by:
Linda T.
Destination: Brugge, Belgium
Best deal found:  This was a 14 day European cruise where Brugge, Belgium was one of our excursion picks. We used our skymiles to get to London and back so going across the pond free was the best deal on this trip.

Submitted Submitted by:
Jeff D.
Destination: Kilauea Lava Flow
Best deal found:  Fike Farms Coffee in Captain Cook, HI. They will mail to you 5 pounds of Kona Coffee for $125. Best coffee in the world. We get 5 pounds every three months and only drink it on the weekends. It it our little sinful pleasure.

Submitted Submitted by:
Eliz C.
Destination: Grand Canyon
Best deal found:  RT from ATL to ABQ, NM. Amtrak to Grand Canyon. Rented a car to Las Cruces. Saw 97 year old Aunt Sarah. Priceless!


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