Travel Photo Gallery – June 1, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Kyle B.
Destination: Venice, Italy
About this photo: My Husband and I never follow the tourist paths when traveling. We found this little boy in a beautiful square in Venice. He was waiting for his father to get out of Temple.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Estes Park, CO
About this photo: I took a quick trip to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado..This is one of the many lakes in the park. I got up around 5 at the lake for the sunrise (there are no coffee places opened that early) While I was setting up a saw this moose coming in the lake…What a wonderful animal.
Best deal found: The best deal was Southwest out of Birmingham, and the motel was very reasonable…

Submitted by: Rick George.
Destination: The Coast of Maine
About this photo: A covered bridge near Albany, Vermont.
Best deal found: We always spend time in nature preserves, and state and national parks where we hike, take photographs and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. These experiences are available to everyone at little or no admission cost.

Submitted by: Joel R.
Destination: Meteor Crater, AZ
About this photo: The world’s best-preserved large impact site, nearly a mile across. Was formed about 50,000 years ago.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: McGill D.
Destination: Venice Italy
About this photo: Black and White with the only color of blue on the Gondolas
Best deal found: RT ticket was $1000 with fees atl – vce

Submitted by: Doug T.
Destination: Isle of Man
About this photo: This is the Laxey Wheel located on the Isle of Man. The wheel was for the purpose of pumping water out of the mines that were on this site. the Isle of Man is in the Irish Sea equidistant from Ireland and England. They don’t see many Americans here. Quite a quirky place, but enjoyable.
Best deal found: Traveled the entire island by public transport, double decker buses and steam train. the Isle is only 30 miles long and 5 miles wide.

Submitted by: Nat P.
Destination: Erbach, Germany
About this photo: I was drawn to the texture and color of this classic fachwerk (half-timber) architecture in the Odenwald area near Heidelberg.
Best deal found: Enjoying the local festivals and street vendors. Of course having friends and family to stay with was the best deal of all.

Submitted by: Robert D.
Destination: Bethlehem Connecticut
About this photo: Though this doesn’t depict countryside or scenery, it is meant to convey the simplicity or the area. Bethlehem is a town of 3000 people which has few amenities, which suits many of the residents. What we do have is farms, trails, land preserves and a few historical landmarks.
Best deal found: In the area there are several B&B’s. A small distance away in Southbury there is a Marriott and Heritage Village that offer seasonal packages. North camping is available on Bantam Lake in Morris.

Submitted by:Tom C.
Destination: Killarney, County Kerry Ireland
About this photo: This is at Beaufort Golf Club in Killarney Ireland. This tee has the remains of the entrance to a 12th century castle right next to the tee. That is me teeing off framed in the doorway.
Best deal found: Playing the “Hidden Gem” courses at great prices instead of the famous high priced ones. You still get the Irish links experience for a lot less.


Submitted by: Janet C.
Destination: Rocky Mountain National Park
About this photo: First day hike in the park, visiting with my college aged son. Hiking up Deer Mountain with a thunderstorm threatening nearby, and having 2nd thoughts about the sanity of it all. Ended up practically running back down when the storm came overhead.
Best deal found: Bought a year round entrance pass to the park that my son could use after I left, for only $30.

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