Travel Photo Gallery – July 29, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: John L.
Destination: New Zealand
About this photo: This was an all day Train Tour in Dunedin . The Weather and View was great.
Best deal found: This was a Great Tour that included Breakfast and Lunch served on the Train by our Volunteer Guides (Who really enjoyed telling us about their Area and Country).

Submitted by: Linda T.
Destination: Schwerin, Germany
About this photo: This castle/church was found in Schwerin. We rented a car cheaply in Warnemunde, the port we visited while on a Scandinavia-Russia cruise. From all sides it was absolutely beautiful.
Best deal found: Best deal was getting an upgrade to a Concierge cabin on our cruise and also finding a cheaper price for this cruise we already paid for and RCCL honoring that price and getting back $1000 each!

Submitted by: William H.
Destination: Boston, MA
About this photo: 4th July Fireworks on the Boston’s Esplanade on the Charles River.
Best deal found: Watching the fireworks…it was free! You just had to get there early to find a seat.

Submitted by: Nancy C.
Destination: Glacier National Park
About this photo:
This was just a little stroll off the highway in East Glacier.
Best deal found: Cabins very cheap in East Glacier.

Submitted by: Clarence D.
Destination: San Diego, CA
About this photo: When you enter a theme park, or in this case, the zoo, there are kids there to take your picture so they can overcharge you for a photo memory of your holiday. With digital, wonders can be worked. We were told to hold our hands out in front of us. I got the spider & my wife got the parrot! San Diego Zoo is the best zoo in the nation, at least west of the Mississippi.
Best deal found: There is a double decker bus that gives you rides around the zoo. One just gives you a basic tour, and one takes you to drop off spots around the zoo. You can get on and off as much as you like. Beats walking from one area to the next.

Submitted by: Christy D.
Destination: Guanica, Puerto Rico
About this photo: This photo was taken in the Guanica Forest Reserve, which covers 1,570 acres of dry forest. The hiking trail that follows the shoreline is great for sightseeing and photography. Guanica Forest Reserve is also home to half of Puerto Rico’s bird species, so don’t forget to pack the binoculars.
Best deal found: The Guanica Forest Reserve is FREE. The trails are not marked well so a portable GPS device is handy for long hikes.

Submitted by: Alex  C.
Destination: Puerto Rico
About this photo: This photo is a beach in Puerto Rico Southern section of the Island. The beach is known as the “The Jungle” because you have to cross some wild brush to get to this beautiful mangroves beach. This is a local beach and a great place to avoid the large beach crowds.
Best deal found:  I was able to get Clark Howard’s vacation special. (224 rountrip). Note the price on escapes were lower than what we got due to junk fees and baggage fees.

Submitted by: Jevon D.
Destination: Panama Beach
About this photo:
This photo was taken on the 4th of July and it’s very special to me because I have my two daughters, my fiancée and my mother. We take a family trip every year but this was the most fun we’ve had out of all of them.
Best deal found:
The best deal on this trip was being with my family.

Submitted by: James A.
Destination: Talladega, AL
About this photo: This is one of the remaining eleven covered bridges in Alabama. Built in 1858, it rests on Al Hwy 77S, 7 miles south of Talladega, in Talladega County, Al. This photo was shot the 4th week of October, 2008.


Submitted by: Cheryl C.
Destination: Hanford, CA
About this photo: TOn a family trip to my hometown Hanford, CA, we had ice cream at Superior Dairy. It has been a family favorate and in business over 56 years. My niece Amber just loved it.
Best deal found: Time and a slower pace of life. Also the hotel we stayed in had free breakfast each morning.

Submitted by: Roy T.
Destination: Williamsburg, VA
About this photo: This photo was taken at the Busch Gardens In Williamsburg, VA. It was a photo of the center piece inside the garden area of Busch Gardens. Taken in September of 2007.
Best deal found: Found a great deal on the room (pay for 4 nites-get 5th nite free)by staying at [email protected] Went online via one of those hotels/travel/airline packages. We received passes to Busch Gardens & food vouchers within Busch Gardens. Major problem after arrival – had to change rooms twice (foul odor) & I was overcharged. Will not go back to that hotel.

Submitted by: Amy H.
Destination: San Diego
About this photo: This photo was taken from the Pacific Beach boardwalk in San Diego.
Best deal found: The San Diego Zoo. Plan at least 2 days to visit the Zoo.


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