Travel Photo Gallery – July 1, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)


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Submitted by: Michelle H.
Destination: Merzouga, Morocco
About this photo: This is shot in the village of Merzouga in the Sahara Desert in Morocco. It has beautiful new auberges and low priced shelter as well. It’s fantastic in October and first part of March.
Best deal found: Nomad’s Palace, owner is Ali who offers four-wheel jeep rides. Reasonable and new accommodations and cook will prepare or let you prepare. They will go WAY out of their way to please you. Camel rides at dawn is always available as well.

Submitted by: David W.
Destination: Grand Tetons National Park
About this photo: This photo was made at sunrise next to some Beaver Ponds on the Snake River. We hiked thru bear tracks to get this view of the Grand Tetons sprinkled with snow.

Submitted by: Simon C.
Destination: Cancun, Playa del Carmen Mexico
About this photo: This is a photo of a small hotel at Playa del Carmen, Mx. so many beautiful places to see.
Best deal found: The best deal to travel, fare and hotel all inclusive at 4-star hotel $620.00 five nigths six days at Hotel Riu Cancun– great price and excellent service.

Submitted by: Shari M.
Destination: Southwest Colorado
About this photo: During a day of exploration of the area a few miles south of Pagosa Springs, CO, we found a road off of Hwy. 84. Driving up this winding road we found views of mountains and valleys, but what struck me that day was the beauty of the spring Colorado landscape!
Best deal found: We were invited to enjoy this trip with my cousin and his wife, one week totally free lodging! Can’t beat that!

Submitted by: Martin S.
Destination: Colorado
About this photo: This photo was taken in the backyard of our vacation home in December. The home is located in Ridgway Colorado, Ouray Couny. This part os SW Colorado is one of the nost scenic areas in the US
Best deal found: You have to fly innto Montrose Colorado and there are no deals getting into Montrose.

Submitted by: Doug T.
Destination: Germany
About this photo: Burg Eltz, near Cochem, Germany in the Mosel Valley. Continues to be owned and partially occupied by the Eltz family and has remained mostly intact for 700 years. Worth the visit.

Submitted by: Marvin C.
Destination: Puerto Rico
About this photo:
This is off our balcony at the El Conquistador hotel. We booked a couple of months ago when Clark featured the TravelZoo deal at $149/night with a $100 debit card, $200 resort credit, and 4th night free. What a deal! It was incredible – beautiful and uncrowded. We also saved parking fees by renting from Enterprise who has a lot on the resort property and parking their cars is free.
Best deal found:
The $200 resort fee was incredible – it covered almost all of our meals. The $100 debit card helped us pickup water, snacks and some other necessities at a nearby Walmart saving the cost of buying those things at resort prices.


Submitted by: Charlie D.
Destination: Yosemite National Park
About this photo: Travelling practically for free to such a naturally magnificent destination just takes your breath away. My wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary by visiting some of the more outstanding sites in Northern California. We did this almost entirely on travel points earned through American Express. During our 10 days of travelling, we never paid for airfare, hotel nor rental car because we took care to accumulate points over the last few years. When you can experience such memorable places by simply budgeting your lifestyle….wooohooo….sign me up!
Best deal found: Embassy Suites offers a personally prepared breakfast omelet and a PM free happy hour….a great value.

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Tahiti
About this photo: A Tahitian octopus or squid.
Best deal found: No deals.

Submitted by: Lauren O.
Destination: Kyoto, Japan
About this photo: The Golden Pavilion is one of many beautiful temples in Kyoto. The gold leaf was redone in 1984, so it looks immaculate.
Best deal found: Japan, in general, is pretty expensive, but the entrance fees to the temples are fairly cheap.

Submitted by: David L.
Destination: Ellijay, GA
About this photo: Ellijay’s sun
Best deal found: Gas was $5.

Submitted by: Michael N.
Destination: Shark Valley (Everglades National Park)
About this photo: This was earlier in the year on the 15 mile bike trail (you can walk or take a tram too) at Shark Valley in Everglades National Park, South Florida. There is abundant wildlife to see as you pedal the paved trail. Even big lizards which seemed to like sleeping on the trail.
Best deal found: $10 for a day of exercise and beautiful scenery not to mention some education. Better than an amusement park, cheaper too.

Submitted by: Mervin S.
Destination: Republic of Panama
About this photo: This photo was taken from the Balboa Yachat Club. It is a Picture of The Bridge of Americas. It links North America and South America. This bridge is located on the Pacific side of the Panama Canal.
Best deal found: 18 carat gold jewelry prices. I stayed with friends. But there were alot of hotel and travel deals. I flew on COPA Airlines round trip for $280.00. That is a great deal!

Submitted by: Tim M.
Destination: Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
About this photo: This is a cabana / look out point at the Punta Cana resort. A very relaxing and quite place. Not as over run and crowded as some of the other “all inclusive” places in the Punta Cana / Bavaro area.
Best deal found: n this particular trip I found a $450 airfare to Santo Domingo instead of the $800+ to flight straight to Punta Cana. (But you have to drive 3 hours from the airport to get to Punta Cana half of the time on small country roads in poor condition)

Submitted by: Shannon S.
Destination: Mendocino National Forest
About this photo: Well, this wasn’t quite a vacation. This is where we live, but we spent Father’s Day in the National Forest which is magical and underappreciated and underused. This photo is the view from the road on a ridge over a place called High Valley which is an up and coming wine region here.
Best deal found: It’s free with plenty of camping and, in this area, a lot of ruins of 19th century spas — before the great SF earthquake, this was a big resort area. The views are breathtaking and if you like to play on motorized vehicles or horses, it can’t be beat. Precious Forest is a beautiful, brand new, log cabin that is about three miles into the forest with spectacular lake views and lots of quiet. It only costs $300 a week to stay there. It’s off the grid and heated with wood so I’d only recommend it during the warm times of the year, but it’s a fabulous retreat. I will post a photo of it here next week when I’m able to post another.

Submitted by: Kathy W.
Destination: Appalachian Trail / North Carolina
About this photo: I have had the privelege of working in the north ga mtns the past 3 years as a mortgage loan underwriter- This psst year very tough – 5 months of unemployment- and my 2nd home in the mountains had a major pipe flood- 5 months of repairwork-Timing could not be so perfect to come back to work this summer while i worked on our Chalet repairs- my saving grace and a god send has been driving over the mountains from Dillard to Blairsville daily- the beauty of the mountains takes my breath away- i drive daily with my camera on the front seat of my car- and they ask why do i live away from my Alpharetta home and work for months in the mountains? One look at God’s beauty and i know why I am here and not behind the bumper to bumper traffic from my home in Alpharetta to perimeter- It makes my daily drive so peaceful and i start my day feeling great- i sacrafice homelife with my husband-just to work in the mortgage field in the beautiful north ga mountains- this photo was right out of Franklin NC- I was a little late to work but it was worth it to capture what god has created- make everyday a great day
Best deal found: I got a job!!! 5 months unemployed with 30 years of mortgage banking experience-my 3rd year having this privelage as a contract underwriter to work in the mountains- well worth my cut in pay- my sacrafice to my normal homelife- the beauty of no traffic and the mountains- makes it worthwhile for me!!

Submitted by: Roxanne D.
Destination: Paris, France
About this photo: Picture of an artist selling his paintings who became a subject himself.
Best deal found: One-week pass to bus and subway system. I went all over Paris for only $13 US.mooth and the owner was even willing to negotiate the weekly rent.


Submitted by: Lalitha A.
Destination: Kauai
About this photo: In Kauai (HI) roosters were everywhere and this friendly bird was quite comfortable, happily feeding on leftovers,walking among the frequent visitors and shoppers who were dining or relaxing at the mall food court. Also I would like to take this opportunity to thank Clark and the amazing crew for the S….uperb job they do on Radio and TV.
Best deal found: Memorable scenery is unbeatable.

Submitted by: Brandt L.
Destination: Blue Ridge Parkway
About this photo: I was returning from visiting family in Delaware and decided to spend a couple hours on the Blue Ridge Parkway to enjoy the beautiful day and see some of the scenery. This is in the George Washington National Forest going South. Well worth the extra couple hours drive back to Atlanta. Did wonders for my Blood pressure and my mood in general.
Best deal found:None, Lunch at the “Otter Creek” restaurant was reasonable.

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