Travel Photo Gallery – January 21, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.

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Submitted by:  Selecia J.
Destination: Simejovel, Chiapas, Mexico
Best deal found: Mexico is very reasonable. San Cristobal de Las Casas has great deals on amber and local leather goods. I visited Guadalajara, Ajijic in Jalisco State, Puerto Escondido, Oxacaca State and San Cristobal in Chiapas State. Always negotiate your best price and know when to walk away.

Submitted by: Kim C.
Destination: Nepal – Everest Mtn Flight
Best deal found: Eating Buffalo Momo’s (dumplings) at the local places instead of the tourist restaurants. Cost at local place 0.75 cents including soda. Cost at tourist restaurant $3-5 dollars. Staying at guesthouses instead of hotels and paying $5/night for clean room with fan, hot water shower and awesome views of the Annapurna Himalayan Range.

Submitted by: Jennifer S.
Destination: Portugal
Best deal found: The views from the vineyards!

Submitted by: Steve C.
Destination: Hilton Head, SC
Best deal found:  The scenery!

Submitted by: Jarrod D.
Destination: Paris, France
Best deal found: Free 3 Course Meal w/ wine bottle and drink.

Submitted by: Gail V.
Destination: St Thomas
Best deal found:  We booked early and are past cruiser’s so we get a discount and we applied for the Carnival Credit Card and we got 5,000pts for that plus if you put your tab on the card you get another 5,000pts. we paid the card off when we got home, but now we get early discounts for cruises and early booking..which gives us free upgrades.

Submitted by: Kris O.
Destination: Egypt with the Camels !!
Best deal found:
Costa Cruises has a 19 day cruise for under $100 a day going from Italy..Egypt..Jordan..Oman & ends up in DUBAI…..Don’t buy the TOUR EXCURSIONS…Invite some people from your ship to share a taxi with you for the entire day…Those drivers will make you a great deal for an all day trip…Plus, you will learn so much about their customs..religions, daily lives etc…We even went to 2 of our taxi driver’s homes in Egypt & Jordan.. What an experience that was !!! PLUS, it was FREE !

Submitted by:  Bill S.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found:


Submitted by:  Serina H.
Destination: Cuzco, Inca Trail, Machu Picchu and Lima, Peru
Best deal found: My husband and I researched a lot and pieced our vacation together without going through an agency. By doing so we managed to pace our vacation according to our speed and came in about $1000/per person less than the travel groups we found.

Submitted by: 
Molly A.
Destination: Barliloche, Argentina
Best deal found: The hike to Cerro Campanario lookout off the of the Circuito Chico trail was free and the view was priceless!

Submitted by:  Barbara T.
Destination: Kruger National Park
Best deal found:  Each time one of our grandchildren graduate from high school we take them on a trip…wherever in the world they would like to go! LoriBeth wanted to go to South Africa on Safari, camera…of course. We drove ourselves (great deal on rental cars in Johannesburg!) through Kruger Park (don’t waste your time or money with daytime safaris) This was a little creek we passed looking for leapords.

Submitted by: Jeffery N.
Destination: Panama
Best deal found: The dollar will go a long way in Panama. There is so many deals that you can get. But if you go don’t miss the Panama Canal, it’s amazing.

Submitted by:
Larry B.
Destination: Fussen, Germany
Best deal found: $842.00 each

Submitted by:
Sheryl D.
Destination: New York City
Best deal found: Flew round trip from GR to NYC for $200, in peak season! We’ve never had that kind of deal in December before, which is usually a bummer; but not this year—-we were celebrating our 25th Wedding anniversary! Yeah! I encouraged my husband to “take the bull (economy) by the horns” this year!

Submitted by:
Vittorio G.
Destination: Assergi, Italy (Abruzzo region)
Best deal found: The best deal to have on this trip is having money in Italy to spend instead of exchanging money, which with this economy, because the dollar is week.

Submitted by:
Annette M.
Destination: Puerto Rico
Best deal found: First, you don’t need a passport to visit Puerto Rico, if you’re an American citizen. Second, I prefer to stay on the Bed & Breakfast (Paradores) because you can find good offers and find a good deals.

Submitted by:
Kevin M.
Destination: Moab, UT
Best deal found: Seeing Wall Arch 3 weeks before it collapsed – priceless. Pictured is my daughter Kelli Handy standing under the arch.

Submitted by:
Sarah R.
Destination: Park City Utah
Best deal found: In exchange for a charity donation to MDA my brother in law gifted us Am Ex Delta sky miles for the round trip tickets. We were there from 12/26-31 We booked a studio condo for $170 a night ( a steal in peak season!) through one of our fav sites The picture is from the top of a peak at Deer Vally resort. All in all a great trip!


Submitted by:
June V.
Destination: Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary
Best deal found: This sanctuary is located at 18328 Gulf Blvd., Indian Shores, FL. This is home to birds who have been injured or orphaned. Some will heal and be released, others will have a safe place to live here despite injuries that would condemn them in the wild. There are also birds that are free that hang around the property anyway. Visitors are free to roam around, see and photograph the birds. The property begins on Gulf Blvd. and continues directly onto the beach. A really neat, FREE stop. Donations for their continuing work are encouraged.

Submitted by:
Lisa S.
Destination: Mexico
Best deal found: Taking a taxi to Mr. Sanchez Beach & enjoying the day.

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