Travel Photo Gallery – February 24, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Julie D.
Destination: Cozumel, Mexico
About this photo:
I am 52 and planned a Carnival Cruise to the Western Caribbean with my two best friends from high school. This shot was taken after a day at Cozumel at the Chankanaab park, snorkeling, laying on the beach and checking out the sites. While walking back to the tour bus, I saw these two chairs sitting there, beckoning one to sit down and relax and couldn’t resist taking one last shot for my photo album.
Best deal found: We missed our shore excursion that was to take us to Mayan ruins on the mainland because of the time change. We were very disappointed but while at the docks where all the excursions leave out of, we were told to pick something else. We picked a tour of Chankanaab park. It turned out to be a very good way to get some history of the area and see replicas of the different ruins and buildings of Mexico displayed in a beautiful tropical garden setting. Afterwards, they take you to enjoy the beach and snorkel for an extra fee of $12. We got transportation to and from the docks, to the park and a wonderfully informative tour guide to accompany us for about $50 each.

Submitted by: Deni P.
Destination: Hong Kong
About this photo: The Chi Lin Monestary on Lantau island is one of the top 3 most beautiful temples I visited in Hong Kong. This building is just one of many on the premises. It houses golden Buddha statue with fruit and flowers offerings.
Best deal found: American tourists usually end up taking bus tour out of Honk Kong or Kowloon here. I do not recommend it. Yes, Lantau Island is out of way and it will take you few hours to get here but: a) subway is very cheap, clean, safe and easy to navigate through; b) you can make a stop to see Tsing Ma and Kup Shui Mun bridges and museum on the way; c) once on Lantau island, you’ll transfer to a bus. It’s cheap and runs frequently. d) The Big Buddha is walking distance from the monastery. I got by with English only and was able to buy cheap, hot, and tasty vegetarian lunch made by monks on the monastery premises.

Submitted by: Terrie S.
Destination: Rapid City, South Dakota
About this photo:
Best deal found:

Submitted by: William W.
Destination: Grand Canyon
About this photo:
Every year a group of us goes Winter Hiking in the Grand Canyon. We hike to the bottom of the canyon via the Kaibab Trail. We spend two nights at Phantom Ranch with marvelous meals provided in the deal. Then we hike out via the Bright Angel Trail It snowed this year and we all made many spectacular images. Hope you enjoy this one of a Juniper on a foggy winter day.
Best deal found:
The food, hiking, and companionship with other hikers. But most of all the spectacular scenery that keeps bringing me back after 12 hiking seasons at GC.

Submitted by: Kerry B.
Destination: Krabi Thailand
About this photo: Krabi Thailand in October, what more can you say 🙂
Best deal found: Just being in Thailand is a great deal. You can get great rooms on the beach for a few dollars a day, full Thai meals for about a buck and and hour long massage for $3-5.

Submitted by: William T.
Destination: La Libertad, El Salvador
About this photo: The beach at our hotel, Roca Sunzal. The beach is rocky, beautiful waves and lots of surfers. We were there on a church mission, working with area orphans.
Best deal found: Our hotel had very reasonable prices including meals for about $30 a day. We were a group of 37 though and probably got a discounted rate.

Submitted by: Zee M.
Destination: Washington D.C.
About this photo: This is a photo of Arlington Cemetery just outside Washington D.C. My daughter and I were able to take in some sights around this amazing part of our beautiful country while she was taking a break from her duties of sitting on the Department of Defense committee on breast cancer research. She had never been to D.C. before and I wanted to show her one of my favorite places.
Best deal found: The best deal was to be able to see our nation’s history through the eyes of my cancer survivor daughter. To show her the place which symbolizes freedom. The acres of white crosses standing proud honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. My heart sores with thankfulness for the blessing of living in this beautiful majestic country.

Submitted by: Janet A.
Destination: Belize (Central America)
About this photo: I am from Belize, and the last time I was in Belize was December 1976. Therefore, that was 33 years ago, and it was so refreshing and breathtaking to go back to my roots. I felt like a visitor because after 33 years, almost everything has changed, and Belize is so developed compared to 33 years ago. For example, most of the people are online, and they are now watching Oprah, Dr Phil, TMZ, and so forth. It is amazing how technology has improved everything. Another shocking thing is for me to see a huge hotel like the Princess Hotel and Casino that is constructed only a block away from where I used to live. My picture was taken just across the street from the Hotel in my friend’s back yard
Best deal found: The best deal I found on this trip was the Airfare. I paid $268.00 round trip with Continental Airlines, and that is a blessing because the fare is usually around $600.00 or more.

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