Travel Photo Gallery – February 18, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)  

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Submitted by: Rich S.
Destination: Kauai, Hawaii
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Lloyd W.
Destination: Sedona, AZ
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Fred W.
Destination: Italy
Best deal found:  Eurorail pass

Submitted by: Mike M.
Destination: Bristish Columbia
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Best deal found:  Stayed at my mother-in-law’s time share for $100 a week.

Submitted by: Paul B.
Destination: Sosua, Dominican Republic
Best deal found:
$1300 – one months rent 2-bedroom condo right on the water with 24 hr security.

Submitted by:  Dan N.
Destination: Cabo San Lucas
Best deal found: FREE – Rappelling off the edge of Currahee Mountain near Toccoa GA. Boy Scout Troop 522 Lilburn GA – October 2008.

Submitted by:  Scott B.
Destination: Lake Atitlan Guatemala
Best deal found: Hotel Lomas De Tzununa amazing hotel cut into the side of a mountain over 500 above Lake Atitlan.Views of the lake and three surrounding volcanoes. 70 dollars a night!


Submitted by: 
Jeff P.
Destination: Hawaii
Best deal found: Can’t remember a real deal that stands out. We had a real good time.

Submitted by:  Thad T.
Destination: Porto, Portugal
Best deal found:  RyanAir flight from Madrid to Porto for aprox. $25.

Submitted by: Charles L.
Destination: Mendoza, Argentina
Best deal found: Virgin Travel Airlines helped my wife and myself throw together a incredibly priced Honeymoon (with a couple of layovers).

Submitted by: Beverly P.
Destination: San Clemente, CA
Best deal found: Early breakfast at the pier restaurants and happy hour on the pier at the two restaurants actually on the pier, awsome!! and its free to walk the beach, watch the sunset, and stroll the quaint downtown…my favorite place on the planet!

Submitted by: Frank M.
Destination: Frank M
Best deal found: Able to take all my 5 girls. First time that my wife and I really took a vacation. We went for 7 days, awesome.Thanks, Frank

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