Travel Photo Gallery – December 9, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Tina Marie D.
Destination: Gold Coast, Australia
About this photo: We were carrying my daughter’s dog in a back pack at Mammoth Springs and needed a break.
Best deal found: Best and Worst: Flight – Delta in September $850 RT into Sydney Hotels: Coral Point Lodge-Shutte Harbor-although lacking on personal service and a little bit away from the main hot spots, No better view from any other hotel in the area. Location: Cape Tribulation-Ferntree Forest Lodge. I would have skipped Brisbane and stayed in Cape Tribulation for 5 days. What a beautiful unspoiled friendly place. I hated to leave this spot. Worst: The 3 day Catamaran Dive trip. “PowerPlay” Boat. Crew was a bit immature and lacking on personal skills. Even the Dive Master and Captain were rude and uninterested in the 17 folks on board. Additonal photos and information available upon request.

Submitted by: Mary M.
Destination: San Pedro, Belize
About this photo: This is a photo of a lobster I purchased right off the boat in San Pedro Belize.
Best deal found: We often travel to San Pedro, Belize. We were eating at the tackle box a small place on a popular dock it was the start of lobster season and I was able to buy this nice lobster right off the boat. They have a wonderful lobster festival every June. The best deal is the lobster festival you can get lobster cooked many different ways and it is all good.

Submitted by: Dave D.
Destination: Mexico City
About this photo: The Diana fountain on the Paseo de la Reforma, in downtown Mexico City. An unexpectedly amazing destination, Mexico’s capital is the double espresso of cities. Broad, tree-decked boulevards, and boundless activity–the city also has quiet neighborhoods that have you forget that you are in the second largest urban center in the world. Amazing restaurants, noteworthy parks, and more museums and culture than a visitor can take in–even with month long trip.
Best deal found: 15 cents for the subway from the airport to the city center. –$1.70 piano recital at the spectacular Palacio de Bellas Artes –$61 per night four star nearly Parisian hotel right on the Reforma, the Emporio Reforma, a Small Luxury Hotel of the World. –Great silver jewelry at a fraction of what I’d pay in the US.

Submitted by: Wendy W.
Destination: Rome, Italy
About this photo:
We traveled, myself, Wendy, mother-in-law, Margaret, 6 yr. old son, Crew and 15 yr. old daughter, Savannah from Alaska to Rome. My daughter was invited to attend the Rome International Film Fest, the provided airfare and accommodations for 3 nights for her, but, we decided to make it an extended vacation. Wanted to share some advice when traveling with a younger child, especially to a city like Rome, that is not always considered the most kid-friendly. We brought with us a $7 flash light with multiple functions – glo stick, blinking light, solid light, it ended up going everywhere with us and came in handy more than once – not only for entertainment for my son, but also trying to look at maps of the city or just watching where we were walking, or just for a very cool affect in photos. He loved that he brought it from AK to Rome and it was a bit of home on our 10 days of traveling.
Best deal found: Must haves for Rome trip: Hand sanitizer, baby wipes or travel size tissue, are great for anyone going to Rome – the bathrooms are not always clean or stocked with toilet paper. Also, we were in two different hotels, and, since we don’t speak Italian, and many don’t speak English, it was difficult to give an address – so, we each put the hotel business cards in our wallets, and tucked one inside my son’s teddy bear, Gus, in case he got lost, and one was physically on my son at all times, just in case we were ever separated. Instead of trying to say where we were staying, we would hand the cab driver the card and even used them for directions while walking. Very handy. And, instead of expensive souvenirs, we were on a tight budget, for my son’s classmates, we asked the hotel for note pads, pens, and travel size Nutella (it’s very popular in Italy, and not in Alaska) for him to share on his return to class. The best deal was the open air bus. The kids loved being up high, above traffic, and the vantage point was wonderful for getting an idea of locations and taking photos. I would recommend starting with the bus, and get a multiple day pass. They are easily accessible, and stop at all the best locations. The Rome Zoo was a big hit for my family. It was clean, animals seemed well taken care of, and it was a pleasant day spent enjoying time together outside of the hustle, bustle of Rome. Ciao!

Submitted by: Melissa W.
Destination: Machu Picchu, Peru
About this photo: This photo was taken early in the morning looking over Machu Picchu, Peru. This is a great deal for adventure travelers. People are tremendously friendly, food is good and views are fantastic!
Best deal found: There were 3 of us woman who traveled together. All hotels accommodated 3 people rather than having to reserve additional rooms. Best deal was the food. In Cucso we ate a wonderful gourmet meal, including cocktails, dessert and tip for about $70. The restaurant is run by world famous chef Gaston Acurio and is called ChiCha. Just a fantastic trip.

Submitted by: Andy N.
Destination: Madre de Dios River, Peru
About this photo: This picture was taken as we were returning to our ecolodge after a day of providing medical care on a medical mission to Peru. We were transported on the Madre de Dios River in long, narrow, somewhat tippy, motorized boats. The setting sun on the river was the perfect complement to a day of hard work helping others and the anticipation of dinner and a bed.
Best deal found: Buying bead and boar tusk necklaces from the natives!

Submitted by: Christi S.
Destination: Yosemite
About this photo: The picture was taken at a ghost town called Bodie, CA. In 1962 it became a state historic park.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Suzie C.
Destination: Bad Gastein, Austria
About this photo:
This was a small town that we passed on our way to a resort in Bad Gastein. This little town is Bad Hostein. Across the lake is a private residence that used to be a castle.
Best deal found:
The hotel in Bad Gastein was a ski resort in the winter and a spa in the spring and summer. Rooms were very inexpensive and very large. You had tons of windows facing the mountains. Spa in the basement for steam baths. Great local pub up the street where drinks and food were very reasonable.

Submitted by: Annette H.
Destination: Croatia
About this photo: Travel humor… I was walking by this location early one morning, on my way to a boat trip to some islands, when I noticed someone had inserted a cigarette into the hand of this poor unsuspecting statue, quite high above a doorway. I’m not a smoker but I got a good chuckle out of this every time I thought of it. After I returned I noticed it had been removed and I appreciated catching it at just the right moment.
Best deal found: The ferries to various islands are a very good bargain. I visited as many islands as I could and they are all wonderful and unique. The ice cream/frozen yogurt is the best I have ever had. I preferred the yogurt as it was almost a little tart and not too sweet. I’m glad I can’t find any as good here at home or I would be addicted. It cost about $1 per scoop in a cone. It was also displayed so spectacularly that it is almost impossible to resist.


Submitted by: Amy H.
Destination: Kauai
About this photo: Tunnels Beach on Kauai
Best deal found: Kauai Marriott Beach Resort

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