Travel Photo Gallery – December 31, 2008


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by:  Michael C.
Destination: New Orleans, LA
Best deal found: I have to put a good word in for the Okeefe Plaza Hotel. While not directly in the heart of the French Quarter, it is certainly close enough. The price was fantastic, less than $70 a night, booked through I paid less than half of what a typical hotel would cost, and thanks to booking on line, I received free parking, which is not common anywhere in New Orleans. The hotel was clean, people friendly, and near enough to all the attractions to make this a certain to visit again place. I lived in New Orleans, actually Belle Chasse just south of the city, and I know the town. The hotel is no frills, which is fine with me, as long as it’s safe and clean, and this one is. They did offer a typical hotel continental breakfast, but you’re in New Orleans, must have breakfast at Cafe’ Du Monde, which is well with in walking distance.

Submitted by: Katy F.
Destination: Ghana
Best deal found: This is a photo of one of the canopy walkways in Kakum National Forest in Ghana. If you want to buy some trinkets, drums, masks, kente cloth, etc. go to the Cultural Market not too far from the stadium and government buildings on the south side of Accra. You can buy these things all over Ghana but many of the items are made here and you can buy them directly from the artists. If you’re only staying in the southern part of the country then the Cultural Mkt. is a good place to look but if you’re going to the north then you’ll find much better deals there, though you may have less selection. Don’t be afraid to bargain! The sellers are VERY aggressive and will start out an an unreasonably high price.

Submitted by: Frank B.
Destination: Canadian Rockies
Best deal found:  Hi, We went to Canada on the Summer, and stayed on Banff for about $65 a night. This place is beautiful. One of the top destination and close to Home! More photos of this place here.

Submitted by: Jeffery N.
Destination: Cartagena, Colombia
Best deal found: The cruise price for a 8 night, balcony room. This was a repositioning cruise. 799 person. If you have not gone to Cartagena, Colombia it would be worth the trip. Old town is gorgeous.

Submitted by: Lawrence H.
Destination: Cambodia
Best deal found: 

Submitted by: Naomi M.
Destination: Silver Springs, FL
Best deal found: Silver Springs it’s an amazing place to visit, but take your own water and lunch, pack a picnic.

Submitted by:  Cindy R.
Destination: Namibia
Best deal found: Iceland Air to Frankfurt, Germany then Air Namibia to Windhoek. They have wonderful very cheap Backpackers for accommodations in Namibia and Zambia.

Submitted by:  Lorene K.
Destination: Door County Wisconsin
Best deal found: We stayed at Glidden Beach Resort that in prime season charges $285.00 per night for three nights average $93.00 per night! Wonderful accommodations – fully equipped condo with kitchen (ate in to keep costs down) gas fireplace, king size bed, TV with cable in both living room and bedroom with glorious view of Lake Michigan a stones throw away through windows and patio doors all facing the lake! We hated to come home-spent time walking in Cave Point County Park (no charge) and took many great photo’s. The one submitted an example of moon setting over the water-pure serenity.

Submitted by: 
Rebecca F.
Destination: Denali, Alaska
Best deal found: A scenic view inside Denali National Park, Alaska.


Submitted by:  Mohammed T.
Destination: FES, Morocco
Best deal found:  $790 from Orlando, Fl to Casablanca Morocco. Thank you Howard Clark!

Submitted by: Sherrie H.
Destination: Hawaii – Haleakala
Best deal found: Highly recommend using Costco for renting a car. Saved approx $150 for a one week rental.

Submitted by:
Richard B.
Destination: Great Basin National Park
Best deal found: Traveling in the off-season months can save you a lot of $$$ for hotels.

Submitted by:
Penny S.
Destination: Runaway Bay, Jamaica
Best deal found: All Inclusive…

Submitted by:
Lewis R.
Destination: Alaska
Best deal found: It was well worth the cost to fly to the Taku Glacier Lodge and enjoy the Salmon feast and tour.

Submitted by:
Michelle P.
Destination: Cabo
Best deal found: Anywhere that isn’t on the cruise ship! $1.00 Coronas in port, or $20.00 to cab drivers to show us the most beautiful, hidden spots not frequented by tourists.

Submitted by:
David P.
Destination: Roatan Island, Honduras
Best deal found: A local gave us a 2 hour taxi tour for $20.

Submitted by:
Bryan C.
Destination: Tulum
Best deal found:

Submitted by:
Andrew G.
Destination: Mozambique, Africa
Best deal found: They paid me to come! I could never afford to travel to Africa, I fly for a regional US airline! Well, there was a request for pilots in my particular airplane to help LAM in Mozambique start their new operation for 2 months, so I took it! First class to Africa, all expenses paid, and I get to fly around Mozambique.


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