Travel Photo Gallery – December 23, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: David S.
Destination: Rome, Italy
About this photo: I was fortunate to somehow come upon a wedding photo shoot in-process in every major city we visited. This photo is one of several from our first stop, Rome. The groom’s military looking uniform appeared again and again as a recurring theme. The women were outfitted in colloquial bride look. The shoot was occurring at a church right next door to where we were staying and was one of the those impromptu events that make a vacation so memorable and beautiful.
Best deal found: The Hotel La Gioconda in Florence, Italy where we stayed. It is situated in the Duomo neighborhood of Florence. This property is near Medici Chapels, Cathedral of Santa Maria dei Fiori, and the Statue of David. The price was good, the layout quaint but beautiful with a spiral staircase (potentially a problem for those who need a lift). A brass plate on our room door noted that it was the very room used by thieves hiding oufrom the early 1900’s heist of the Mona Lisa, hence the hotel name which is Italian for Mona Lisa. This event prompted the hotel to change its name to the present La Gioconda.

Submitted by: Chuck R.
Destination: Jacksonville, Fl.
About this photo: Not truely a travel photo, This is my 9 month old Grandson Trace’s first visit to Santa Clause. I entitled it, “The Little Guy, Meets The Big Guy”. I am hoping it makes your Holiday Season a bright one. I listen to you every evening on Our AM station. I wish you and your family a Very Merry Christmas.
Best deal found: A happy time.

Submitted by: Dave D.
Destination: Taxco, Mexico
About this photo: Taxco is a hill town about 2.5 hours’ drive from Mexico City. Built on a mountainside, Taxco is crisscrossed by narrow, winding steep streets with VW bugs serving as modern-day motorized mountain goats. Cobbled lanes, stone terraces, and countless churches all provide one part of the city a view of the other. And silver shopping–Taxco is a center for the Mexican .925 grade–is a must.
Best deal found: With a weak peso, all of Mexico is on sale if you are spending dollars. Silver’s the thing…great high quality jewelry at Wal-Mart price tags–and noteworthy variety too. Cafe del Angel is a marvelous restaurant with an incomparable view. . .entrees in the $12 range are quite reasonable. Take a cab for a harrowing trip to the top of the mountain where the Christ statue–a bit like Rio’s–overlooks the valley. Roundtrip is only $6 or so. Taxco makes a great day trip from Mexico City–bus fare from Tasquena station is little more than $10, and the buses are a nice way to travel.

Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Australia
About this photo:
This is a night shot of the Yarra River taken from the Princes Bridge in Melbourne.
Best deal found: We took advantage of the fact that many museums in Australia are free and soaked up some Aussie culture and history.

Submitted by: Joseph F.
Destination: Kawasan Falls
About this photo: This Photo was taken on my vacation to Cebu, Philippines. Kawasan Falls is a series of water falls coming from a natural fed spring.
Best deal found: Using I found round trip fare from North Carolina to Manila Philippines for $944 for a two week stay. Using I found reasonable fares for air & hotel.

Submitted by: Zachary K.
Destination: Las Vegas/Boulder City, Nevada
About this photo: Picture of the Hoover Dam, near Las Vegas, located in Boulder City, Nevada. Went in June of 2009, so it was hot to say the least. Picture is taken from the Arizona side of the Dam. It goes to show what mankind is capable of. This picture only gives an inkling of how overwhelming the Dam is. The sheer size and mass of concrete was unreal. Definitely worth a trip there to see and feel what it is like. Took the trip to Las Vegas for vacation.
Best deal found: Free room and board on the entire trip in a time-share Hilton hotel due to very good friends  : )

Submitted by: R. Gates
Destination: Split, Croatia
About this photo: My favorite scene from a float down the Cetina River outside Split. Lovely relaxing afternoon in August 09.
Best deal found: Returning to our stateroom on HAL Oosterdam continuing to the Athens, Greece.

Submitted by: Juliann K.
Destination: Rapid City, SD
About this photo:
Wooden bridge around Custer State Park
Best deal found:
Little cafe in Custer, SD Bakers Bakery and Cafe. Yummy and cheap.

Submitted by: Tracey B.
Destination: Hawaii
About this photo: Took this picture on Kaui at the end of the road to Waimea Canyon – it is the start of the Na Pali Coastline – most beautiful view of the trip.
Best deal found: NCL Inter Island Cruise – $128 per day for room and food – much cheaper than island hopping on your own.


Submitted by: Leslie C.
Destination: Hawaii
About this photo:
After traveling all night in the center seat from Atlanta-Lax-Hnu there were smiles that will never be forgotten when we arrived at the airport. Just the start of a fantastic family vacation.
Best deal found:
We went to a time share presentation at the Hilton Hawaiian village we received a $100 gift voucher 4nights/5day stay and a rental car for the low price of 795.00 unreal deal.

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