Travel Photo Gallery – August 12, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.) Leave your comments below!




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Submitted by: Aleisha S.
Destination: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
About this photo: The summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. Spent 1 week climbing up the mountain with a great group of people and guides, followed by safari in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater. The trip of a lifetime!
Best deal found: Flew business class to Amsterdam using SkyMiles. Spent the weekend there on hotel points before flying on (paid) to Kilimanjaro airport.

Submitted by: Evelyn M.
Destination: Colorado
About this photo: This was taken on our trip/vacation to Colorado last July 15-19, 2009… The picture here was taken at the Manitou Springs Cliff Dwelling.. This is just right outside Colorado Springs. This is how and where the Anazasi Indians lived. This was carved out of solid cliff side rocks at least 80 [sic] yrs. ago. In this picture my husband, whose name is also Clark and my son Joshua. Thanks to Clark Howard we were able to get a good price in the hotel. We stayed in Littleton Colorado at the Hyatt.
Best deal found: The whole trip was a deal. Thanks to Clark’s advice on great hotel deals.

Submitted by: Peggy P.
Destination: Ouray, Colorado
About this photo: Jeeping in Colorado is AWESOME!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Evelyn M.
Destination: Paris , France
About this photo:
This was on our vacation two years ago. This is where we celebrated our 13 yr. anniv.
Best deal found: My brother in law gave us some of his free mileage since he travels every week.

Submitted by: David B.
Destination: New River Gorge, WV
About this photo: We stopped at this nameless roadside stop during a day trip on the Midland Trail, just east of Gauley Bridge, West Virginia on US Route 60.
Best deal found: Found a 1 GB Sansa Express MP3 player for $10 at a Charleston, WV “Big Lots” store. It was part of some electronic merchandise that had been previously stolen and recovered by the police. In order to positively identify the thief, the items were “dusted” for fingerprints. The dust was so difficult to clean off the items that they were marked down below their normal retail prices. The MP3 player was not affected because its clamshell packaging was still sealed. The Sansa Express has a built-in rechargeable battery, microSD expansion capability, and is one of the cheapest ways to access copyright protected audiobooks that can be checked out and downloaded for free from many libraries.

Submitted by: Susan F.
Destination: Lake Juliette
About this photo: Southern Company’s Plant Scherer, the largest coal-fired power plant in the Western Hemisphere. Every year, Plant Scherer burns 12 million tons of Wyoming bedrock.
Best deal found: Watching the sun set and full moon rise over the lake.


Submitted by: Irina A.
Destination: Quito, Ecuador
About this photo: This photo was taken during my recent trip to Ecuador. I took this picture on top of a mountain. The city is in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Absolutely gorgeous view! Ecuador has so much to offer. I wish I had more time to explore. Definitely recommend it. At night, the sky is clear and covered with stars and the mountains are lit up with lights from the windows of the homes built along them. What a sight!
Best deal found: I found a great deal on the tickets about 6 months prior to my trip on It can be found through The price was over $100 cheaper than on any other site.

Submitted by: Torben G.
Destination: Croatia
About this photo:
This photo has been taken on my summer vacation to Croatia. It shows the fishing town of Rovinj in Northern Croatia.
Best deal found:
Croatia in general is very affordable and especially the restaurants offer great value for money. I was on a sailing trip, so most of the times we bought fish directly from local fisherman in the morning for next to nothing and prepared it ourselves.

Submitted by: Laurie F.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo: This is my favorite picture because it captures so much of the true Ireland. We drove around a corner and were stopped by a herder, herding his sheep. You can see the sheep dogs runnning to keep them in line, and another car (with the driver on the “wrong side”) surrounded by the sheep, and the beautifu dingle pennisula in the background. The young man was barely 20 if that and we listened to him hollar and grab a few sheep who tried to get out of line. It was wonderful.
Best deal found: I did all my own travel arrangements to Ireland and England (We were gone 6/25-7/12) with the help and guidance of Clark Howard and Rick Steve’s. So I thought outside the box and found some wonderful farm houses for rent, however, listed as 1 week only rentals. I e-mailed them anyway and got 2 different places for 1 night each. The economy was bad and they were willing to take us since their bookings were down. Both were amazing. One was owned by Catherine Murphy in Kinsale, Ireland 100 euros for 7 people one night, including towels, bedding and some food items in the kitchen. Picture perfect with cows and valleys, bay, Charles fort and awesome pubs. The other in Banagher Ireland owned by Louise Tierney between Galway and Dublin. A farm with pigs, dogs, cows, and a bog that we were allowed to explore on the property. 130 euros including small breakfast, towels, linens, laundry,and great hospitality at both places. Definetly Ireland through the back door.

Submitted by: Shelly-Anne S.
Destination: Trinidad & Tobago
About this photo: The back of the BpTT Building, Queen’s Park West (Around the Queen’s Park Savannah)
Best deal found: On a more recent trip I found tickets for $316 on Continental.

Submitted by: Raymond T.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo: It’s of my 3 year old singing in the rain in july when we went to visit family .
Best deal found: Air fare was very good for july

Submitted by: Tim S.
Destination: Ometeppe Island, Nicaragua
About this photo: Accomadations in Granda were very resonable and the town is very clean, safe and “colonial”.
Best deal found: This is the view from a great restaurant in Rivas while awaiting the ferry to go to Ometepe Island.

Submitted by: John G.
Destination: Wellington, NZ
About this photo: This was taken just outside of Wellington, New Zealand as we drove along the coast on our way up to Auckland.
Best deal found: We saved our frequent flier miles on Continental Airlines (not spending them on domestic airfare), so my wife and I were able to fly roundtrip to Sydney from Orlando for $106 each (just the taxes)…even better, we flew on Qantas (excellent airline) and even had a free two-day stopover in Brisbane before flying home at no extra cost.

Submitted by: Carolyn B.
Destination: Chicago, IL
About this photo: This is a photo of the beach area of Lake Michigan in Chicago. It was great seeing the skyline of Chicago while enjoying the sun and fun at the beach.
Best deal found: We stayed at the Westin right across from Water Tower and The American Girl Doll store (it’s like a small mall itself) and we were just a couple of blocks walk from the beach area. Found a room for $87 a night through HotWire. It was a fantastic hotel in the perfect location!

Submitted by: Kathleen M.
Destination: Chateauroux, France
About this photo: 3 military “brats” returning “home” after 40 years. We are high school friends from Chateauroux High/Air Base, France disguised as 60 year old women. We rented an apartment in Paris via VRBO, which was wonderful then made the trip by train to Chateauroux to vist old base and downtown haunts like JoeFromMaine bar.
Best deal found: Vacation Rentals by Owner ( huge apartment in Paris one block from Luxemburg Gardens, really beautiful and LeCombier Hotel in Chateauroux (geographical dead center of France) for about E55/night, beautiful boutique hotel.

Submitted by: Vera H.
Destination: Yosemite
About this photo: I got a great deal because our friends own a cabin there, so we really only had to pay for gas to get there.
Best deal found: We hiked up to the Yosemite falls. It was a great day, and an awesome scenery.


Submitted by: Victor T.
Destination: Chicago, IL
About this photo: These are my 2 grandchildren Eden 7 and Sophi 2 1/2 at Lake Michigan (photo was taken by my daughter-in-law Elizabeth).
Best deal found: Chicago being such a large city has everything, food, crowd, theaters, parks, lakes, name it they got it.


Submitted by: Robert M.
Destination: Isle of Capri
About this photo: This is a great view from the Isle of Capri. It is easily the most beautiful place on the Amalfi coast. The picture was taken from a garden. One of the large rocks in the picture has a huge hole through it. My new bride and I took a small boat through the hole the next day (which is good luck).
Best deal found: I found a rental car for $150 for a week from a local Italian Thrifty website. Driving through the streets of Naples is easily the scariest thing that I have done. I thought driving in Atlanta traffic would prepare me for anything. After driving in rush hour traffic in Rome with an Italian speaking GPS unit, I discovered I wasn’t quite ready for Italian driving.

Submitted by: Darien F.
Destination: Colorado
About this photo: This is Lincoln lake on the way to the summit of Mount Evans – the highest (14,000+ ft) paved road in North America.
Best deal found: The Lodge at Breckenridge for $89 per night. Also, the Gondola ride to the top of Vail mountain is free 4pm-10pm.

Submitted by: Andrea W.
Destination: Cat Island, Bahama
About this photo: Deserted beach, as far as the eye can see, and as far as your legs can carry you. The water is crystal clear. This corner of Cat Island is the most peaceful place on earth! Fantastic diving and snorkeling, also!
Best deal found: I found this wonderful resort,, on Cat Island, Bahamas. The owner gave me a good rate of about $100 a night, and I had the most wonderful, personal service there! If you’re looking for peace, quiet and relaxation, here you’ll have miles and miles and miles of beach to yourself! They also have two great dive masters there who will take you out snorkeling or diving.

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