Travel Photo Gallery – August 11, 2010


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

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Here are some of the most compelling travel photos and deals submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorite every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

Submitted by: Lane C.
Destination: Normandy, France
About this photo:
  Le Mont Saint Michel, Normandy, France. My wife and I spent the night inside the walls of MSM and were able to enjoy this magnificent structure without the hordes of tourists that visit it daily. By spending the night there it allowed me to take many photos at night as well early morning providing peaceful and magical moments at the most visited site in France. History: The Archangel Michel appeared in dreams to the Bishop of Avranches in the year 708, instructing him to build a place of worship on the island. Buildings were added to the fortified abbey throughout the Middle Ages, representing a wide range of Medieval architectural styles. This beautiful Abbey is best visited late in the day or early morning.
Best deal found: Not the best deal on our trip but we paid 85 Euros (Approx. $114.00 at that time) to stay inside the walls with a view of the bay. It was one of the cheaper rooms there but had a double bed, TV and private bath.

Submitted by: Melanie M..
Destination: Alsund Norway
About this photo: This was taken at the top of a Hill in Alsund Norway, a small and picturesque town on the west coast of Norway.
Best deal found: I stayed at a youth hostel in this small town where I realized that I am NOT a “youth hostel” type of traveler.

Submitted by: Sally S.
Destination: Wolf Creek, Montana
About this photo: I was at the Rocking Z Ranch riding horses for a week. We rode up to 6,000 ft. elevation, searching for a herd of missing cows ! Once we got up there we could see them, plus the incredible views that seem to go forever! Loved it!
Best deal found: The ranch itself was a great deal for me! 7 days,  lodging, riding, 3 great family style meals a day! For $1600.

Submitted by: Sande W.
Destination: Havasu Reservation, Grand Canyon, AZ
About this photo:
This is still one of my favorite waterfalls, down in the canyon almost 10 miles down, Havasupai waterfalls. The water is so clean and pretty blue!
Best deal found:
Went on a Arizona Outback Adventure tour, great hike, they did the cooking and hauling everything down but our backpack with camberas, lunch an water. 4 day campout with motel and meals, thought it was a great deal!

Submitted by: Ron Z.
Destination: Utah
About this photo: This is Goblin Valley State Park in Central Utah. Millions of years ago this was the edge of a sea that left sediment that turned to sandstone. Erosion has left these Mushroom like figures. Notice the people walking around them.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Donald M.
Destination: St. Thomas Is. Caribbean
About this photo: We cruised with NCL (norwegian cruise line). St. Thomas, Isl. was one of the places we went. It was just a lucky shot to catch this beautiful yacht coming thru the passage.
Best deal found: It’s been 5 years. Can’t remember but knowing me this was the best deal there was.

Submitted by: Deni P.
Destination: Graz, Austria
About this photo: I took a scenic train ride through mountains and tunnels from Vienna to Graz. Although it is no Strasbourg, it’s worth stopping at for 1-2 days if it’s on your way. It has a nice walkable downtown, historic city hall, pedestrian zone, trams, and a little castle on the mountain in the middle of the city. If you are into modern architecture, you’ll appreciate the unusual Kunsthaus and Murinsel.
Best deal found: I stayed at JUFA Guest House 10-min-walk from train station and 20-min-walk from downtown for less than $40 a night. It’s a family oriented hostel that includes breakfast in the rate. I had a nice private room with bathroom, cleaner than a typical branded US motel.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Scotland
About this photo: This photo was taken in St. Andrews, What a wonderful town.
Best deal found: Well the Best deal wasn’t the flight. I stayed in a B&B in Carnoustie for about 30 pounds a night with breakfast. The Corner Hotel. But the best deal was I was getting paid to be there. I love my job..

Submitted by: Gabriel G.
Destination: Nicaragua
About this photo: My wife Karen is holding a ceramic Jaguar made in San Juan de Oriente, Nicaragua by Carlos Blass. Karen is in the place where homeowner Carlos Blass makes hand made ceramic, and if you purchase directly from him, you’ll skip the middle man and you will have enormous savings. His home is his workplace and the name of his Business is “Taller de Ceramica Lopez Blass.” He only speaks Spanish.
Best deal found: 15 beautifully crafted ceramics pieces, for US$296, including a ceramic vase about 2 feel tall, with lots of fine replicas of Nicaraguan Indian graphics carved and painted in amazing colors for only $100. If you purchase one of those in the US, it will cost you thousands of dollars. If you want to see detail pictures I’ll send them to you. Gabriel


Submitted by: Joe O.
Destination: Yellowstone national park
About this photo: This photo was taken while hiking Yellowstone, i am above the lower falls that runs through a canyon that connects with the Yellowstone river.I only had a dated powershot A510 canon camera with only 3.2 pixels yet it captures the unique and beautiful colors .
Best deal found:

Submitted by: John C.
Destination: Venice – Doge’s Palace
About this photo: Bocca di Leone The Lion’s Mouth” postbox for anonymous denunciations at the Doge’s Palace in Venice, Italy – San Marco. The text translates to: “Secret denunciations against anyone who will conceal favors and services or will collude to hide the true revenue from them.”
Best deal found: Hilton Molino Stucky 5* on priceline for $169 per night at high season. The hotel’s vaporetto service is free. There is a Bila grocery store right across the water from the hotel.

Submitted by: Steve J.
Destination: Isla Mujeres, Mexico
About this photo:
Its the sub set on the island of Isla Mujeres Mexico off Cancun. We spend two months every year their from jan, to march. i fish every day. 14 years ago my wife and i started a barracuda handling bash to help out the local fishermen who at the time where hurting. Its now been 15 years and getting bigger each year.
Best deal found: Food is cheap, hotels start at $25 and run to over a $100.

Submitted by: Gayle ML.
Destination: Wall Drug, South Dakota
About this photo: Wall Drug – An amazing place in the middle of nowhere! This was one of many photo ops. Which one of these characters do you suppose is the tourist?
Best deal found: State of South Dakota is full of fun, cheap things to see like the Woolly Mammoth archeological dig site, Custer State Park, Wall Drug, the Badlands, Wild Horse Sanctuary – truly a great place to vacation!

Submitted by: Andrea U.
Destination: Outside Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park, Colorado
About this photo: On our way to Denver airport, traveling just outside Rocky Mountain National Park, stopped for a quick break and this beautiful view was tucked up in the trees.
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Alaine W.
Destination: Juneau, Alaska
About this photo:
During a great Norwegian Cruise to Alaska, my husband & I toured the glaciers via helicopter, landing on the mendenhall glacier and walking around. Notice how close the helicopter was to a deep crevice!
Best deal found:

Submitted by: Jason B.
Destination: Yosemite National Park
About this photo: Riding to our cabin in Yosemite for the first time, we came across this beautiful site with views of El Capitan, Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls. Breathtaking!
Best deal found: Stocked up with groceries at Walmart on the way in, so we cooked all our meals in the cabin.

Submitted by: Deborah H.
Destination: Crater Lake Oregon
About this photo: This picture shows how pristine Crater Lake is and how the surrounding area is reflected in the water. The resulting reflection creates the shape of a fish.
Best deal found: Crater Lake National Park is one of the less visited national parks, so it is not nearly as crowded as the big name parks. The entrance fee to the park was only $10.00 for 7 days.

Submitted by: Jack R.
Destination: Cologne, Germany
About this photo: This photo was taken in an area called the “Sauerland” (approximately 100 miles east of Cologne) which is known for skiing in the winter and hiking and biking trekking in the summer and fall. While biking with a buddy from Atlanta we got totally lost….UNTIL we stumbled onto the Frau in the picture….I gave her a hug for her comfort and a farmer showed up and gave us direction back to our trail. The Frau didn’t say a whole lot…maybe that’s why we like her so much!!! The trails we were on for 3 days are part of the historic trading trails…..picturesque views and great places to find “kuchen” (cake) in the afternoon.
Best deal found: We didn’t find great airfares nor gasoline prices, however, through “AutoEurope” we found a great deal for a mid size station wagon for one month at $1000 all inclusive……this was $300 to $500 less than anyone. NOW FOR THE BEST DEAL IN GERMANY….. the price of “Kuchen” (cake)….I love deserts and they have the best at really cheap prices… favorite “Mohn Kuchen” (poppy seed cake) at $1.40 per huge piece….ummmm… had it practically every day….check it out.

Submitted by: Ivan S.
Destination: Ambato Ecuador
About this photo: Tungurahua volcano (Ambato Ecuador) activity update: continuing ash eruptions (5,023 m 16,479 ft.) is located in the Cordillera Central of the Andes of central Ecuador
Best deal found:


Submitted by: Rick G.
Destination: Alaska
About this photo: This shot was taken from our ship, the Regent Seven Seas Navigator, as we sailed for Alaska.
Best deal found: Regent cruises are all inclusive so, other than what you might spend in the ship’s boutiques and casino and in the ports, you know what the cost is going to be up front which helps you budget for the trip.

Submitted by: Melanie K.
Destination: Chattanooga, TN
About this photo: Only a few hours away from my home, we recently discovered Chattanooga to be a true gem. With many museums, national parks, and restaurants, Chattanooga has something for everyone. It is a perfect place for the history buff, as many battles of the civil war were fought in and around the area. This picture was taken on top of Lookout Mountain at Point Park.
Best deal found: We won a bid for our hotel on Priceline for $85 a night. The original cost was $159 nightly. Also, another great deal is that Chattanooga operates a free electric trolley system throughout the city. Additionally, we received a children ride free with each paying adult on the Southern Belle Riverboat lunch cruise.

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