Travel Photo Gallery – April 29, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Brenda C.
Destination: Supai AZ
About this photo: Havasu Canyan located in Supai Arizona. These incredible waterfalls are located 8 miles down in the Havasupai indian reservation. How to get there? 60 miles down Hwy 18 off Rt 66. The last 8 miles are hiking, horseback or helicopter. No automobiles in this part of gods country.
Best deal found: Tahiti Village Resort in Las Vegas. Just west on Las Vegas Blvd. $70 per night. With all the amenities.

Submitted by: Marc S.
Destination: El Catalafe, Patagonia, Argentina
About this photo: We stayed at a hosteria in El Calafate called Roble Sur, which, for the price, had all the amenities and atmosphere that one would want and an overlook of Lake Argentina, the Andes Mountains and the village of El Calafate. Our hosts took us on a tour of the village and the local museum outside of which I took this photo.
Best deal found: The best deal I found was on American Airlines; one stop in Miami and on to Buenos Aires.

Submitted by: Beth S.
Destination: Florence Italy
About this photo: Taken from the top of a hill we climbed above Florence across the river. View of Brunellesco’s dome.
Best deal found:  Free, just walking the streets that Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, Brunellesco and Dante walked. The whole city is a free art and history museum. Incredible!

Submitted by: Shawna L.
Destination: Billis Swamp Safari, Seminole, FL
About this photo: We were on an airboat ride at Billis Swamp Safari. It was one of the best vacations I have been on. There were so many raccoons everywhere.

Submitted by: Judy C.
Destination: Niagara Falls
About this photo: Taken 4-17-09 of the American Falls. Spring flowers were just beginning to bloom. Because it was “out of season” some attractions were closed (Maid of the Mist) but fees were waived in the Niagara Falls State Park and we could walk out on the observation tower free. Snow was still around the base of the falls.
Best deal found: Airfare for $139 from Atlanta to Buffalo.

Submitted by: Laurie F.
Destination: Peru
About this photo: Machu Pichu, Peru
Best deal found:  Wonderful food at great prices and bargaining in the markets.

Submitted by: Eric D.
Destination: Kamakura, Japan
About this photo:
My father, sister and I went to visit my brother (pictured) in Japan while he is stationed there in the Navy. This is him pictured impersonating the cute little guy at a Buddhist shrine in Kamakura, Japan (about two hours from Tokyo).
Best deal found:
My brother was able to snag rooms at the New Sanno hotel for $67 a night in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, which is comparable to Midtown Manhattan. Any other hotel of that class would have been about $400/night.

Submitted by:  Laura K.
Destination: Costa Rica
About this photo: Arenal Volcano from the balcony of our room. It was awesome!
Best deal found: A B&B (farm) called Leaves&Lizards.

Submitted by: Bruce G.
Destination: Athens, Greece
About this photo: The Acropolis at midday in Athens. In the forground is the Arch of Tiberius. This single sight captures the history of Greek culture for over one thousand years…..until Rome came. Notice the Acropolis is not the temples on top, (Zeus, and Athena) but it is the stone walls used to level the top of the mountian. Athens is named after the Greek goddess Athena.
Best deal found:  Uzo at $4.50 a pint… 🙂


Submitted by: Rebecca F.
Destination: Valladolid, Spain
About this photo: This is Valladolid in purple playing Barcelona in blue and red at Valladolid, Spain. Barcelona won 1-nil. The wall at the bottom of the photo is the top of the moat that surrounded the field to keep the fans off the field.
Best deal found: The cigarette smoke filled air in the stadium was free. I had forgotten what it was like. Hack, hack.

Submitted by: R. Gates
Destination: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
About this photo: Unique experience standing so close to a powerful icon. So misty my camera got wet.
Best deal found: I dried my camera with the hair dryer in the hotel room.
(LOL! -Team Clark)

Submitted by:  Lisa K.
Destination: Martha’s Vineyard
About this photo: The Tivoli Inn is a beautiful victorian gingerbread house with lots of charm and a clean and friendly atmosphere. The location is ideal as it is walking distance to the many fine shops and restaurants, beach, public transportation, hiking and biking trails, ferry terminals.
Best deal found:  Monday nights 2 for 1 dinner entrees at the Offshore Ale house where they make their own beer and the food is so good! Open year-round. 2 for 1 Excludes the busy summer months. Linda Jeans breakfast. Delicious, bountiful and cheap! Both restaurants are walking distance from the Tivoli Inn.

Submitted by: 
Mark S.
Destination: Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo
About this photo: 1st day of good weather we had, and my Sergeant Major, her friend Han, and I had to go play. They set up a 9 hole executive course that had no flat area to strike the ball. It was either downhill, uphill, or a sideways lie. It still felt good though to get away from what we are over here doing, and pretend we are back home with friends.
Best deal found: Air fare was “really” cheap = 0 courtesy of the CA.Army National Guard. Food is cheap also = 0 courtesy of of KBR. Billeting is cheap but crowded (3-6 people per room) = 0. All it is costing is 1 yr away from my wife and two children. It is a small price to pay to keep this country (Kosovo) safe, and secure.

Submitted by:  Renee P.
Destination: Niagara Falls, Onterio, Canada
About this photo: This is the most beautiful natural wonder that I have ever experienced. This trip was unbelievably inexpensive. This is a picture of the “Horse Shoe Falls” a view from the Canadian side. The other major attractions include A Casino, Hotels and “Clifton Hill” which is a strip (street) of activities and entertaining wax museums, water parks, souviner shops etc. The great thing is that everything is in walking distance. There is something to see on every block. The American to Canadian exchange also helped to stretch our dollars.
Best deal found: The best deal on this trip was FREE! The viewing of Niagara Falls, both the American and the Canadian side, at night the Falls are lit up with colored lights and every night at 9pm there is a firework display. All absolutely FREE !!!

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Alicante, Spain
About this photo: We took our high school soccer team to Spain. This is a picture of a prison team that we played. We wore our striped jerseys to make them feel at home.
Best deal found:  We won 6-1.

Submitted by: Steve L.
Destination: Panama Canal
About this photo: This was a bit scary as we were on a tour boat in the Panama Canal. The “crocs” were everywhere….
Best deal found: The food in Panama is incredibly inexpensive especially once you travel out of Panama City. It is typically pesticide and antibiotic free. Its also delicious and the people of Panama are very gracious and friendly.

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Tampa
About this photo: Was taken at sunset.
Best deal found:  The Grand hyatt on priceline for $55. a night..Great hotel…

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