Travel Photo Gallery – April 15, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. 

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Submitted by: Lorenza R.
Destination: Oahu, HI
About this photo: This pic was taken during our weeklong HI vacation at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve in Oahu. This is a flooded volcano crater that is home to reefs (seen in the shallows) and tons of tropical fish making it an easily accessable and amazing snorkeling site.
Best deal found: Renting a VW camper for $100 a day that slept 4. Car and hotel all in one!

Submitted by: Sterling E.
Destination: Utah
About this photo: Hiking the Narrows in Zion National Park
Best deal found: Parry Motel, Kanab, Utah

Submitted by: Sylvia K.
Destination: Disney-Orlando
About this photo: This picture was taken in Magic Kingdom at the end of the fire works show. It was a chance shot. I was aiming and had just push the button when the castle went dark and the fire works shot off. There is a delay on my shutter, in this case it work out. LOL.
Best deal found: My husband is retired military and Disney offers a special to active and retired military persons and their families. We paid $0 for my husband’s ticket and $99 each for me and our three kids, which was for five days. We also purchased park hoppers for $24.99 each. For a little over $500, we had a wonderful time at Disney. Also, we have a nice time share so we really didn’t spend much for accommodation.

Submitted by: Phil L.
Destination: Greece
About this photo: This is a photo of one of the Monasteries of Meteora, Greece.  The dominant monastery was built by monks on this rock tower in the mid 14 century AD. From my vantage point when taking this photo, I felt like I was in a movie set from a scene in “Lord Of The Rings.”  It was difficult for my mind to grasp that it is real.  I think this photo captures some of that feeling.
Best deal found: My wife June and I were on a 38 day trip through Turkey, Greece and Italy. Although Italy and Greece were somewhat pricy, the best deals bay far were in Turkey (tours arranged by hotel staff) to Cappadocia and Ephesus… our own excellent personal guides at amazing prices. We would urge anyone interested in ancient sites to travel Turkey soon, before the prices get high like the rest of Europe. One deal in Italy worth noting is a bus ride we took along the amazing Amalphi coast from Sorrento to Amalphi… one jaw dropping view after another (for less that $5.00 each).

Submitted by: Nora W.
Destination: Fang Shan Restaurant, Beijing, China
About this photo: We ate at the Fang Shang Restaurant in Bejing- and I was learning chopsticks… I am wearing the white and navy shirt.
Best deal found: Jade chopsticks for 2.50

Submitted by: Dana F.
Destination: Spain
About this photo: This is a building in Madrid, Spain where one side is painted and on side is real. Can you tell which is which?
Best deal found: Our best deal was tickets to a soccer game between Athletic Madrid and Asosuna. Not the cost but the experience. Asosuna won 4-2.

Submitted by: Mark P.
Destination: Cancun

Submitted by: Susan K.
Destination: Grand Cayman
About this photo: This was the view from our free room.  We used hotel points for our five night stay and airline points for our airfare.  So food and local transportation were our only expense. Grand Cayman was beautiful and relaxing.
Best deal found: Because less people were traveling, extra rooms available for points were made available less than a month before our trip. Additionally to avoid paying the “late fees” for booking an airline award ticket less than 21 days prior to the trip, I used the pay with miles feature available to Delta Credit Card holders. This avoided the fee, plus used less points.

Submitted by: Leslie K.
Destination: Provence, France
About this photo: Palais des Papes in Avignon, Provence France
Best deal found: Cheap airfare $580, from Clark’s travel tips, $750/week 300 year old 4 story house in historic Arles through (another Clark recommendation), Cheap rental car $350/week (low season), and as always, Rick Steves restaurant recommendations and eating in our own kitchen.


Submitted by: Rebecca F.
Destination: Spain
About this photo:  We are looking across the Mediterranean Sea at Campella, Spain.
Best deal found: Our best deal was the inexpensive stay at the Rio Vida Mission and the great staff.

Submitted by: Lisa W.
Destination: Colorado & Utah
About this photo: During a road trip from Colorado to Utah we stopped by the Bonneville Salt Flats. It was dusk, but the view was amazing. Here’s Jon digging up some of the salt for a souvenir to take home and use!
Best deal found: On the way back to Colorado, we stayed in a small town named Heber, where we found the cutest Swiss Hotel. It was only $60 bucks! It was spic and span, had a flat screen TV with cable and HUGE soft bed- what a deal!

Submitted by:
Rick G.
Destination: Zanzibar
About this photo: A Kirk’s Colobus Monkey which is found only on the island of Zanzibar.
Best deal found: Our driver/guide Thomas who could spot game with his naked eye that we had a difficult time finding with binoculars! He made sure that we got our money’s worth on safari.

Submitted by: Dana F(2)
Destination: Grand Targhee Wydaho
About this photo: 8am and five below zero
Best deal found: The dividend of free lodging at my daughters employee housing.

Submitted by: Holly N.
Destination: Oriental, NC
About this photo: This photo was taken at my Coastal home in Oriental NC and includes my parents sailboat. Sunset of course…..and all around a beautiful picture. Hope you love it as much as me!!!!
Best deal found: Best deal on this trip is the rental of my parents’ beach homes…. Great for duck hunters…..deer hunters…and Sailors…..Oriental is the Sailing capitol of the East Coast.

Submitted by: Ivy W.
Destination: Washington D.C.
About this photo: Sunrise at the Jefferson Memorial during the 2009 National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C.
Best deal found: Basically everything is free in D.C. Admissions to all museums, etc…

Submitted by: Paul B.
Destination: Tokyo, Japan
About this photo: Great Shabu Shabu restaurant near Ueno in Tokyo. I go there every trip to Tokyo.
Best deal found: ALL!!!! you can eat Shabu Shabu.

Submitted by: Dianne M.
Destination: Ireland
About this photo: Castle ruin in County Kerry Island.
Best deal found: No real deals, but recommend pub food. It is wonderful, fresh and less expensive than the fancier restaurants

Submitted by: Chris M.
Destination: Dominican Republic
About this photo:  I was down there caddying a champions tour golf event. What a place to work.
Best deal found: The best deal was an all inclusive resort.

Submitted by: Debra K.
Destination: Front yard
About this photo: There was enough wet snow to make a snowman in the back of my truck when I got up one morning.


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