Travel Photo Gallery – April 1, 2009


This Week’s Travel Photo Gallery

Here are some of the most compelling travel photos submitted by our listeners this week. See Clark’s favorites every week in the Thursday Travel E-Scapes newsletter. (Subscribe.)

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Submitted by: Doug S.
Destination: Alsek River – Yukon, Alaska
Best deal found: Twenty hours of sunshine daily plus solitude.

Submitted by: Claire J.
Destination: Acapulco Mexico
Best deal found: Walk down to see the La Quebrada cliffdivers for only 30 pesos (about $2.50) instead of paying $15 and more to tourist “guides” or local restaurants with a view. The close-up view is fantastic and you get a free water or soda for your admission price!

Submitted by: Amber C.
Destination: Ireland- the Gap Of Dunloe
Best deal found:  The Gap of Dunloe is a beautiful glacial valley in the Macgillacuddy Reeks mountain range, which dominate the skyline of Killarney. The best deal was the lodging at Wards Pub in lower Salthill Galway. Wonderful people and place to stay!

Submitted by: Chris S.
Destination: Venice, Italy
Best deal found: 6 or 7 euro to ride the water taxi all day in Venice. Most of the little mom and pop restaurants were very reasonable and the food was phenomenal.

Submitted by: Robert W.
Destination: Rio De Janeiro
Best deal found: The food is amazing. The Cachaca (Brazilian alcohol) very tasty! The people sensational! Carioca Da Jema amazing night club. Oswaldos best drinks!

Submitted by: Nicole T.
Destination: (Petra) Jordan
Best deal found:  $40 USD yellow cab ride for all day to take us anywhere. Thank you James & Nicole T.

Submitted by: Bob C.
Destination: Nova Scotia, Canada
Best deal found:
Photo was taken at Blue Rocks, a small fishing village near Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Similar to Peggy’s Cove without the tour buses and crowds. There are wonderful driving tours throughout the Maritime Provinces where the only costs are for car rental and gas—plus food and accommodations, which are very reasonable.

Submitted by:  Rebecca F.
Destination: Seward, AK
Best deal found: The Bench at Summit Lake between Anchorage and Seward.

Submitted by: Fatima F.
Destination: Istanbul
Best deal found:  Food/Places/All of it., Gate1 for tickets.


Submitted by: Michael O.
Destination: Venice
Best deal found: The best deal of this trip was the Basilica of Saint Mark palace (free). Allow 4-5 hrs for the tour, and last but not least: fall in love all over again (free). Gondola ride 40 euros per person, great deal, NO SMELL this time of year. The Rialto bridge at sunset: grab a chair and get your breath taken away with a great glass of wine.

Submitted by: Nancy C.
Destination: Roatan Honduras
Best deal found: Baliatas, Honduran burritos

Submitted by: 
Kate M.
Destination: Eugene, Oregon
Best deal found: Some of the best moments are found within an hour of home! Elk Herd of Eugene, Oregon

Submitted by:  Kristin B.
Destination: Charleston
Best deal found:  

Submitted by:  Kim C.
Destination: Flores/Komodo Island Indonesia
Best deal found: Lodging for $3-4/per night US. Also taking local buses/ferries to Flores island is much cheaper than trying to get a flight. May take longer but the scenery is beautiful.

Submitted by: Scott B.
Destination: St. Augustine
Best deal found:  

Submitted by: Rick M.
Destination: Great Smoky Mountains
Best deal found: Rented cabin for 7 nights and 3 were free.

Submitted by: Danny E.
Destination: Cancun, MX
Best deal found:  This photo is from the Myan Riveria beachs in Cancun, MX, how relaxing, don’t we all want to be there right now!! My wife and I travel to the Cancun, MX and Playa del Carmen, MX beach areas three times a year and are always looking for killer deals. I retired from the federal government in 2006 at the age of 55 and now teach college at Boise State University in Boise, ID part time (pays the bills). One reason we go there so often is that our daughter lives in Paya. This photo is from a beautiful, deserted free beach in Cancun where you do not have to be staying in an all enclusive resort. You can wander up and down the beautiful beach, and pay nothing. Access is gained between the two hotel resort zones in Cancun, big signs for access and large parking lot, you can take suntan oil, chair, umbrella and your favorite book to chill out. Several nice places for food and drinks are easily accessed from the beach.

Submitted by: Mel A.
Destination: Monterey Bay, California
Best deal found: The best deal I found was a seafood eatery on the pier in Monterey Bay. It was not costly, and I could sit and dine over the water and watch otters and seals play.

Submitted by: Ronald K.
Destination: Madeline Island
Best deal found:  Peace – quiet and the people and getting back and forth from Madeline Island (Lake Superior) and Bayfield on the Windsled $5.00.


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