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HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$154 Burlington, Vermont
Depart June 19-August 7
Finish trips by August 11
Valid on United via Newark


Traveling with Meds
It’s necessary that travelers check local country rules regarding carrying medicines as some commonly-prescribed medicines are considered “controlled drugs” in certain countries. Breaking these rules could find travelers at risk of a fine or even imprisonment.
For instance, in Japan, some cold remedies containing pseudoephedrine – found in OTC meds like Sudafed and Vicks are banned. Some sleeping pills require a license in Singapore. And in Qatar, over-the-counter medicines such as cold and cough remedies are controlled substances and must be accompanied by a prescription.
Other notable restrictions include:
Sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills and strong painkillers require a license in Singapore.
Costa Rica and China require visitors to bring a doctor’s note with their prescribed medication.
In Costa Rica, you should only take enough medication for the length of your stay, with a doctor’s note to confirm that this is the accurate dosage.
In Indonesia, many prescription medicines such as codeine, sleeping pills and treatments for ADHD are illegal.
Tourists should always carry a doctor’s note with any personal medicine when visiting China.
Countries such as India, Pakistan and Turkey have a list of medicines they will not allow into the country.
Consult the embassy or consulate pages of the country you’re planning to visit for advice on the legal status of specific medications.
Tips for traveling with medicine:
Carry medicines (including OTC) in their correctly labeled container, as issued by the pharmacist, in hand luggage.
Consider packing a spare supply of medication in the hold luggage in case of loss of hand luggage.
A letter from the prescriber detailing the medicines with the generic names for the medications can be helpful for border control checks, and in case medicines have to be replaced or medical help is required.
Carry a note from the prescribing physician on letterhead stationery for controlled substances and injection medications.
Visit the International Narcotics Control Board for a country-by-country search of rules/regs.

24-Hour Cancellation
So you booked a flight and within hours discover you can’t travel on those dates, or the trip is completely scrapped for another reason. Did you know that every commercial airline must hold your reservation for at least 24 hours and allow you to cancel it within that 24-hour span — even if you already paid with a credit card.
To be eligible for the 24-hour cancellation right, you have to have made your reservation at least a week before the flight’s departure. Some travel booking websites such as Expedia are not subject to this rule (only commercial airlines are) so you may be subject to their less-favorable rules. However, some travel websites such as Priceline may extend the cancel window to get a full refund.
Always read the fine print rules when booking a ticket that you know may have the potential to be canceled within 24 hours (needing to check with your partner, family members, etc).
The Points Guy covers the 24-hour hold and cancellation policies of American, Delta and United to help you avoid paying steep fees.


Airfare offers – ones with a ticket-by date – and deals with our suggestion to HURRY! can expire at any time.  Heed Clark’s advice: Buy that great airfare deal – and then figure out a reason to go there! Eventually, you’ll see the world at a fraction of the normal price!

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$148 Hartford, Connecticut
Depart June 30-October 23
Finish trips by November 3
Valid on United via Newark

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$167 Baltimore, Maryland
Depart August 14-October 23
Finish trips by November 3
Valid on Delta, nonstop

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$170 Portland, Maine
Depart July 8-September 29
Finish trips by October 3
Valid on Delta, nonstop

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$177 Charleston, South Carolina
$177 Roanoke, Virginia
$177 Destin, Florida
Depart July 3-April 27
Finish trips by May 7
Valid Tuesdays, Saturdays on Delta, nonstop

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta (one-way permitted):
$214 New Haven, Connecticut, or $107 each way
Valid Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Saturdays
Valid August 29-December 11 on American via Philadelphia


HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$268 Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Depart today June 12 through June 19
Finish trips on or before June 23
Valid on United via Houston or Denver

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$294-$308 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Depart August 11-December 7
Finish trips by December 11
Valid on American via Dallas or Phoenix

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$360 Cancun, Mexico
Depart July 5-December 12 or January 4-May 4
Finish trips by May 7
Valid on American via Miami or Dallas

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$390 Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Depart November 5-December 8 or December 30-April 15
Finish trips by May 1
Valid on United via Denver or Houston

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$405 Cozumel, Mexico
Depart June 19-August 8
Finish trips by September 29
Valid on Delta, nonstop or via Dallas or Houston

HURRY! Round-trip from Atlanta:
$1,057-$1,067 Buenos Aires, Argentina
Depart June 12-16; July 11-18; August 8-24; September 6-26; October 4-31 or November 1-26
Finish trips by December 7
Valid on United via Newark
Compare to Delta’s round-trip rate of $2,054

How do you find these great deals? Visit Clark’s Travel Tips page for a step-by-step search and booking guide.

NOTE: Airline fees can and often do exceed the cost of your flight! Additional charges now apply to budget and sale rates on most airlines for a carry-on bag, checked baggage and advance seat assignments. The least expensive fees are charged when these options are purchased during the ticket booking process. Fees climb higher after flights are reserved and even higher when adding these options at airport check-in. Kayak offers the most up-to-date Fees Chart for all domestic and international airlines.


Family Fun Package
Williamsburg invites families to take in the theme parks and Colonial Williamsburg this summer with rates from $110 a night (minimum three nights) on the Fun in the Sun package. Included are accommodations at the Best Western Historic Area and unlimited admission to Busch Gardens and Water Country USA throughout the stay.
Colonial Williamsburg is an authentic 18th-century living history community that makes you feel like you just stepped into Revolutionary-era Virginia. The historic community is located midway between Richmond and Virginia Beach and is 150 miles south of Washington D.C. and 200 miles north of Raleigh.

Near to Charleston
The new Hotel Indigo Mount Pleasant opens on July 1 with a full-service restaurant and bar, a resort-style oasis with pool, indoor/outdoor bar, cabanas, fire feature and sun chairs, a yoga room and complimentary self-parking.
The hotel offers a Grand Opening package, valid on stays through December 31, that includes a bottle of sparkling wine and a $50 credit to the hotel’s restaurant or in-room dining. Rates from $189 per night.
This boutique hotel is located just across the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, the “Gateway to Historic Downtown Charleston.” The hotel offers easy access to beaches, award-winning golf courses, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum, plantations, gardens and other area attractions.


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