6 Things to Know Before You Fly Allegiant Air

6 Things to Know Before You Fly Allegiant Air
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If you want to travel the airways for cheap, Allegiant Air is a low budget airline that appeals to money-conscious fliers.

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Allegiant, including how to save money.

Clark.com Travel Editor Clara Bosonetto says Allegiant works best for passengers who want low fares and don’t care about a special seat.

“Allegiant doesn’t offer daily departures between city pairs, but typically twice to three times a week,” she says. “That means should a flight be canceled due to a mechanical problem or another reason, travelers will have to wait until the next scheduled departure — and that could be one day, two or three!”

Thinking of Booking an Allegiant Air Flight? Read This First

If you’ve never flown Allegiant and are thinking about booking a flight on the carrier again soon, here are some things to know before you fly.

  1. Where Does Allegiant Fly?
  2. Why Is Allegiant So Cheap?
  3. What Are Allegiant’s Baggage Fees?
  4. Is Allegiant Safe to Fly?
  5. How to Contact Allegiant
  6. How to Save on Allegiant

1. Where Does Allegiant Fly?

Allegiant is a no-frills airline that focuses on small-to-medium markets and regional airports, but that doesn’t mean they don’t serve some top destinations.

Allegiant has more than 450 routes to more than 150 cities in the United States, including Charleston, South Carolina; Fort Walton Beach, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico.

They also offer a number of seasonal routes. See their interactive route map here.

Flight Schedule

Allegiant’s flight schedule is a little different because, as mentioned earlier, the airline may not have a daily flight to your preferred route. That means you may not be able to fly in and out on the days you want.

Because of their limited flight schedule and the fact that hot destinations fill up quickly, the best strategy is to book early as you can.


On the other hand, a route that isn’t serviced every day is just one way the airline is able to give you low fares. Here’s more on that…

2. Why Is Allegiant So Cheap?

One reason Allegiant flights are so cheap is that, like similar low-cost airlines, the carrier charges for a number of things that other major airlines give you for free.

Their base fares look cheap, but you also have to account for additional fees when you bundle your trip or pay for extras à la carte.

Here are some examples of things you might pay for on an Allegiant flight:

  • Seat selection
  • Carry-on bag
  • Checked bag
  • TripFlex (allows you to avoid change fees)

Check out the carrier’s list of fees here. Another big expense to consider with Allegiant is baggage fees, which we’ll get into next.

3. What Are Allegiant’s Baggage Fees?

Fees for the first and second checked bag are up to $35 per bag each way, with the specific amount dependent on the airports you depart and arrive at.

Each passenger on an Allegiant flight is allowed to bring two things in the cabin: a personal item and one carry-on bag.

Here are some more details on Allegiant’s baggage policy:

Personal Item

Your personal item (a purse, briefcase, laptop, etc.) is free, as long as it is able to be stored completely under the seat in front of you.

  • Maximum size for personal item: 7 in. x 15 in. x 16 in. (17.8 cm x 38.1 cm x 40.6 cm

Carry-On Bag

  • Maximum size for carry-on bag: 9 in. x 14 in. x 22 in. (22.9 cm x 35.6 cm x 55.9 cm

Checked Bags

  • Maximum size for checked bag: 80 linear inches (203.2 cm) in height + width + depth

As with other airlines, additional charges may apply for overweight and/or excess bags.


4. Is Allegiant Safe to Fly?

The airline has been dogged in the past due to some serious mechanical incidents, but things have quieted down in recent years.

In the face of criticism about safety, Allegiant vowed to modernize its fleet and now reportedly operates all Airbus jets.

5. How to Contact Allegiant

If you’re trying to get in touch with Allegiant Air customer service, here’s how to contact them:

6. How to Save on Allegiant

Even though Allegiant is a budget airline, if you don’t look for ways to save, its fees can add up. Here are some ways to reduce your airfare on Allegiant:

  • Pay for your bags ahead of time: Bag fees paid at the airport are $50 each way per passenger, per bag.
  • Make it a roundtrip: Roundtrip flights get discounts. When I went to book a flight on Allegiant online, they gave me $20 off the fare just for putting in a departure and arrival date.
  • Before you buy online, check their fare calendar: When you do, you’ll see a grid that shows possibly cheaper fares for similar dates you can fly on.

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