Technology Will Shut Down Hotel Towel Thieves


Ever stolen a towel from a hotel? Survey says more than two-thirds of us have taken a towel or a bathrobe!

A solution to the towel theft problem

The Daily Mail reports hotels have to replace 20% of their towels monthly. Now, most of that is due to regular wear and tear. In fact, only 2% is estimated to be from theft. But why is it that some people feel taking a towel or a robe is like part of the room rate?!

Linen Technology Tracking, which is a Miami-based company, has developed a chip for towels that can be tracked via  UHF Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. It’s similiar to the anti-theft tags you see at the mall. Can you imagine somebody trying to leave a hotel with a towel and all the bells and whistles going off as they cross the threshold of the door?!

Some 2,000 hotels are using this technology, though Linen Technology Tracking will not disclose the names of its customers. Hotels are not reportedly prosecuting anybody yet who tries to steal a towel. They’re just asking for the linen to be returned by using the power of embarassment.

Of course, it’s not a good idea anytime to steal anything! And I hope somebody will post why it is that you feel it’s OK to get a free towel with your room rate. Because I truly don’t understand it.

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