Take these 5 photos before you leave for vacation


Have you ever hit the road for vacation and felt the need to turn around just a few minutes later because you thought you left the stove on?

There’s a simple trick to put your mind at ease — and all you need is a smartphone.

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When you’re racing around the house before leaving town, stop for a minute to take a few pre-vacation photos of the condition of your home, including things you may worry about leaving plugged in or turned on.

A post on Lifehacker that recommended photographing your stove dials in the off position garnered a lot of attention — and that is a great place to start.

But you don’t have to stop there. If you know you’ll worry about turning the iron off, setting the thermostat, shutting the garage door or locking the front door — just snap a photo of yourself doing those things, too.

That way, you can look at the proof if you start to ask yourself, “Did I really turn that off?”

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