Just announced: Southwest is making a major change to its overbooking policy

Just announced: Southwest is making a major change to its overbooking policy
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If you fly Southwest Airlines, you won’t have to worry about being bumped from an overbooked flight!

Appearing on CNBC, Southwest Airlines chairman and CEO Gary Kelly said the airline will be discontinuing the practice of overbooking “very shortly.”

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Southwest CEO: We will stop overbooking flights

Kelly explained that Southwest overbooks “very modestly” to fill empty seats, which can keep fares lower for all passengers. He said the airline typically doesn’t overbook by more than one seat per flight.

However, in the near future, Kelly announced that no Southwest flights will be overbooked.

“The company has made the decision that we’ll cease to overbook going forward. We’ve been taking steps over the last several years to prepare ourselves for this anyway,” Kelly told CNBC. “Customers love Southwest. That’s the way we want it. The last thing that we want to do is deny a customer their flight.”

Meanwhile, United has unveiled 10 major policy changes after video of passenger David Dao being dragged off a plane went viral earlier this month.

The video prompted a debate about unpopular overbooking policies and whether they should be eliminated.

Many consumers are probably wondering how they can most effectively voice their displeasure with airlines — other than just turning to social media.

Clark recommends that you file a complaint with the Department of Transportation on its website.


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Clark’s take on United Airlines

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