Southwest Airlines cutting nearly 20 nonstop routes, adding more Hawaii flights

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Southwest Airlines is discontinuing almost 20 nonstop routes at the beginning of 2020 as they expand their service to Hawaii, according to USA Today.

Southwest eliminating some flights in Los Angeles, Boston, Atlanta and more

Los Angeles, Dallas and Orlando are among the cities that will see nonstop flights going away. The changes are being made to free up planes for more popular routes, including those to and from Hawaii, according to the paper. One-stop service will still be available between the cities.

“We are always evaluating our service patterns and performance to ensure that we are offering the right number of seats for the community based on demand from travelers,” Dan Landson, a Southwest spokesman, said in a statement.

Here’s the full list of the routes that will be discontinued as of January 6, 2020, per USA Today:

  • Los Angeles-Cancun, Mexico
  • Los Angeles-Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Los Angeles-Omaha, Nebraska
  • Los Angeles-Pittsburgh
  • Boston-Atlanta
  • Boston-Kansas City, Missouri
  • Boston-Milwaukee
  • Dallas Love Field-Oklahoma City
  • Dallas Love Field-Jacksonville, Florida
  • Dallas Love Field-San Francisco
  • Orlando, Florida-Oakland, California
  • Orlando-San Jose, California
  • Orlando-Sacramento, California
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Jacksonville, Florida
  • New York LaGuardia-Orlando, Florida
  • Columbus, Ohio-Oakland, California
  • Austin, Texas-San Francisco

All of these flights are currently offered daily, with the exception of New York-Orlando, which is only offered on Saturdays.

The airline announced Thursday that is expanding its service to and from Hawaii, which is a new destination for them as of this year.

Those new routes, which will be added later in January, are:

  • Sacramento-Honolulu
  • Oakland-Kona
  • Oakland-Lihue
  • San Jose-Kona
  • San Jose-Lihue

Southwest will also begin offering inter-island flights between Honolulu and Lihue, Honolulu and Hilo, and Kahului and Kona.

“We’re energized by the warm aloha Southwest has enjoyed in response to our initial Hawaii offering and this second wave of service is an investment that broadens our everyday value through low fares, no fees to change tickets (though fare difference may apply), and two checked bags free for everyone,” said Southwest Airlines President Tom Nealon of the expansion.

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