Why September is a great time to travel!


Whether you’re taking a last-minute family vacation or leaving the kids at home, use the calendar to your advantage to find the best deal on the trip!

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September and October are just about the best bargain months of the year for people who want to go on cruises, people who want to go anywhere in the United States and people who want to go to Europe.

If you’re thinking about a cruise, Clark says September and October are typically the time to find a bargain. The best deals on cruises usually occur three weeks or less before sailing. It’s great if you can be spontaneous!

When it comes to booking last-minute hotels, Clark recommends Priceline, Hotwire and QuikBook to land those deals.

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With Priceline and Hotwire, there are message boards to help you know where you’re likely going to stay and how much or little you should do as a starting bid. Go to BiddingforTravel.com for Priceline and BetterBidding.com for Hotwire. 


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