Save on airfare to Europe


If you’re looking to travel to Europe, you’ve no doubt seen that the fares are outrageous. Yet there are 4 airlines you can fly to beat the high prices.

If you know the history of air travel, you know that travel from the U.S. to Europe was booming, growing year after year. Then we and Europe entered into cartel arrangements that created three price-fixing cartels to control trans-Atlantic travel.

The result is that airfares have effectively doubled — not related to the price of oil.

Shock of shocks, people have decided not to fly to Europe in the numbers they once have. As a result, one full fare airline after another has been reducing routes. It’s as if all these cartels thought they could suspend simple normal economics.

They didn’t realize how much of air travel is elastic. When the price is right, people go. When the price is too high, they say home. Here are a couple of ways to get to Europe and bypass the cartels:

  • Iceland Air — Sign up for their Netclub notifications to learn about the best fares. On any ticket, you change planes in Reykjavik and have a free stopover either coming or going.
  • Aer Lingus — Take a plane to Ireland and then hop hard discounters like easyJet or Ryan Air to multiple European locations for ultra-cheap.
  • Norwegian Air Shuttle – Often has fares as low as $300 roundtrip.
  • Wow Air –  Come spring, this airline will start flying from the Northeast through Iceland to destinations in Western Europe. 

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