How a Roku or Other Streaming Device Can Make Your Vacation Even Better

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Anyone who has done much traveling knows that video entertainment options in hotels and even AirBnBs can vary wildly from place to place.

If you’re on vacation, the channels available in your room or house shouldn’t matter too much since you’re probably spending most of your time enjoying the sights and activities wherever you are, but everyone needs some downtime at some point.

The great thing is that you’ve cut the cord and watch your favorite TV shows and movies via a streaming device and streaming services, you no longer have to be at the mercy of the channels and (usually) pay-per-view movies provided by the place you’re staying.

As long as you have a Wi-Fi signal, a compatible television and your streaming device like a Roku, Fire TV Stick or Chromecast, you can take your home entertainment viewing experience on the road with you.

Traveling With Your Roku, Fire TV Stick or Chromecast Lets You Take Your Favorite Shows With You

My family recently took a vacation to Cape Cod, where we stayed in a lovely old inn for four nights. We’re not a big TV-watching family, but our two-year-old and four-year-old are allowed up to an hour of educational screen time per day (per the American Academy of Pediatrics) and they like to take advantage of it, usually as they’re waking up first thing in the morning.

I knew from reading reviews about the place we were staying that the television channel lineup was extremely limited (think 20 or so channels), but had modern televisions that included the HDMI inputs that are required for most of the latest streaming device models.

That meant that all we had to do was put our Roku Streaming Stick and remote on our packing list and the kids would be able watch Daniel Tiger, Reading Rainbow or Creative Galaxy whenever they needed a break from the beach or driving around looking at The Cape’s many amazing lighthouses.

As it turned out, we had so much fun that I don’t think they used up their allotted hour any day we were there, but it sure was nice to have the option when we needed it!

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