Pop star collapses wearing 12 layers of clothing to avoid bag fees


The rise in price of baggage fees among airlines is always a topic of contention, and though many of us may do what we can to avoid those irritating charges, one young man went too far.

James McElvar, part of popular English boy band “Rewind,” in an attempt to dodge $70 in fees, decided to don twelve layers of clothing before climbing aboard a plane.

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The 19-year-old threw on six t-shirts, four sweaters, three pairs of jeans, two pairs of jogging bottoms, two jackets and two hats.

McElvar admitted he regretted his decision almost immediately, saying, “It was impossible to walk, I could barely get on the plane. I wanted to take them all off as soon as I got to my seat – beside which was a spare seat that I could have sat one of my bags on – but was told I had to wait until we were up in the air.’

But once the plane did settle in the air, the teen became sick with heat exhaustion, vomiting and needing to be given oxygen.

Paramedics told the pop star he was, “lucky to be alive.”


McElvar was taken to a hospital where he recovered later that day.

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As for the airline, Virgin Trains tweeted the band, promising McElvar that next time he travelled with them, they wouldn’t “make [him] wear all [his] clothes at once!”

They also clarified to Mashable, “in this instance the passenger had two items of cabin baggage which he could not combine into the allocated bag allowance and as such he was asked to either combine his baggage into one bag or pay £45 ($70) to check the bag into the hold.”

They added they wished the boy band member a speedy recovery. 

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