Plane passenger’s ‘awful’ ponytail is every traveler’s worst nightmare


Traveling can be lots of fun. Going to a new city — or even a favorite frequently visited one — brings a certain excitement.

But sometimes, getting to your destination isn’t so fun.

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Flying the hairy skies?

Most people don’t prefer the cramped legs that come with long road trips and many others are afraid to fly

But for those that find comfort on flights, many like to recline the seats, enjoy the snacks and maybe even watch a flick on the television on the screen in front of their seats.

Boston Globe columnist Dante Ramos recently took a flight from Houston to Boston when all of a sudden, the passenger in front of him, decided to get comfortable. 

The young woman reclined, relaxed and draped her ponytail over the seat — right in front of Ramos, his entertainment screen and the pull-down tray.

Ramos shared looks of incredulity with his friend, who was sitting beside him, and snapped a photo of the girl and posted it on Twitter. 

The photo went viral on social media. It has been retweeted 9,000 times and liked more than 8,000 times. 

Congrats to the ponytailed young woman in seat 22B. You’ve invented a whole new way to be awful at 35,000 feet.


For the record: After marveling for a bit at her obliviousness, we got her attention. She moved it.

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