New site for buying and selling timeshares


Finally…a legit way to sell your timeshare?!

As far back as I can remember, people have been getting ripped off on the resale of timeshares. The only thing that’s changed today is the method of operation with the ripoffs going digital.

However, there is now a new legit marketplace with backing from a large venture capital fund that has set up an online marketplace for buying and selling timeshares.

It is brand new and completely legit. I am looking for holes in it and I can’t find any. For you as a seller, maybe, just maybe, this will be a way for you to sell your timeshare. The website is

I’m looking right now and there’s a week at a Four Seasons residence in Scottsdale for sale for $500. There’s another near Lake Tahoe that somebody is trying to sell for $250,000. Seriously? OK, so it’s all over the place and all over the price board!

There are not that many listings yet because it’s new. But if you’re looking for a deal on buying a timeshare, you can have them send you emails and then unsubscribe if you find it’s just spam.

Here’s the really amazing thing: For sellers, you pay nothing to list. They only take a seller’s commission if they find you a buyer. Another neat feature is that all listings include the annual costs you have to pay on a timeshare you’re looking to buy. So they clearly disclose the obligation — not the investment — that timeshares can be.

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