Watch out for this JetBlue scam on Facebook


The scammers are it again and this time they’ve got the crosshairs on unsuspecting Facebook users lured in by the promise of a free gift card for a popular airline.

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JetBlue scam Facebook free gift cards

JetBlue $500 gift card scam

Fake company pages are nothing new on Facebook. Neither are fake promotions, which have plagued both the grocery and retail industries in recent months.

Now the travel industry is getting its turn. Criminals are circulating a social media post that offers a $500 gift card good for travel on JetBlue. The ‘promotion’ is supposedly in honor of the airline’s 17th anniversary.

The pitch being used this time is that you have to invite five friends to click on a link affiliated with a now defunct website called Once those five friends click on your link, then you’re supposed to receive the $500 gift card.

JetBlue denies that the promotion is legitimate.

‘We’re seeing a trending scam pretending to offer JetBlue gift cards for sharing their content. Please be wary of any offers you may see that aren’t hosted on or our Facebook page at,’ the company writes on its official Facebook page.

‘You can help the community by marking any suspicious activity as spam and making sure your account is secure.’

Here’s what happened to one unfortunate Facebook user who fell victim to the ploy:

JetBlue becomes only airline to offer free Wi-Fi at every seat

In other JetBlue news, JetBlue‘s official Facebook page confirms that it is now the only airline flying the skies with free high-speed Wi-Fi at every seat on flights in the continental U.S.


The carrier’s ‘Fly-Fi’ initiative was completed on Jan. 11 and now brings unlimited free Wi-Fi to every plane in their fleet for everybody — not just for first-class or business passengers.

When you’re flying JetBlue, the free Wi-Fi access will begin ‘from the moment we push back from the [departure] gate until we reach the arrival gate,’ the airline promises.

Here are some other features they’re also now offering across their fleet:

  • Free movies on all aircraft
  • 36 channels of free DirecTV on seatback screens on E190 and A320 planes
  • More than 100 channel of free DirecTV on A321s
  • SiriusXM Radio for free at every seat (100+ channels)
  • Amazon Video streaming capability
  • The chance to earn 3 TrueBlue points for every eligible dollar spent during the flight

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