This is the only airline that offers free Wi-Fi at every seat


Back in December, we learned that T-Mobile was offering its customers limited free Wi-Fi on every flight on a select handful of carriers.

But now one major discount airline has blown the doors wide open and is offering unlimited free Wi-Fi on every flight, at every seat, all the time — regardless of your wireless provider!

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JetBlue becomes first and only airline with free Wi-Fi at every seat

This is the only airline that offers free Wi-Fi at every seat

JetBlue‘s official Facebook page confirms that it is now the only airline flying the skies with free high-speed Wi-Fi at every seat on flights in the continental U.S.

The carrier’s ‘Fly-Fi’ initiative was completed on Jan. 11 and now brings unlimited free Wi-Fi to every plane in their fleet for everybody — not just for first-class or business passengers.

When you’re flying JetBlue, the free Wi-Fi access will begin ‘from the moment we push back from the [departure] gate until we reach the arrival gate,’ the airline promises.

Here are some other features they’re also now offering across their fleet:

  • Free movies on all aircraft
  • 36 channels of free DirecTV on seatback screens on E190 and A320 planes
  • More than 100 channel of free DirecTV on A321s
  • SiriusXM Radio for free at every seat (100+ channels)
  • Amazon Video streaming capability
  • The chance to earn 3 TrueBlue points for every eligible dollar spent during the flight

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