JetBlue offers passengers a free trip to anywhere, but there’s a catch


JetBlue has asked 150 passengers aboard flight 603 to do what Congress can’t: work together and compromise.

In a new video entitled ‘Reach Across the Aisle,’ JetBlue offers the passengers free round-trip tickets to anywhere in the world that the airline flies. The catch is that everyone had to unanimously agree on the destination by the end of the flight.

‘It is clear that the country is divided. Or is it? Can compromises be made for the greater good? See what happens when unsuspecting JetBlue customers are tasked with putting aside personal differences to reach across the aisle,’ reads the video description on YouTube.

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How the group decided on a destination for the free trip

Half of the plane was given red voting paddles and the other half was given blue voting paddles. Passengers first had to decide whether the trip was domestic or international. After that was settled,  it came down to Costa Rica and Turks and Caicos Islands.


Several rounds of voting followed with many people changing their minds after talking with their neighbors in the aisles. Others got up and spoke on the intercom to try and persuade the other passengers to vote their way.  

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By the end of the flight, everyone had agreed on one destination and scored their free tickets.

The moral the story?

‘If people compromise and work together, all parties can win.’

Watch the video HERE.


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