Huge airfare sale for spring travel

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There are great bargain opportunities in the world of travel today that I want to share with you.

SouthWest and AirTran have both launched big sales that I expect will be matched by pretty much everyone across the industry within hours.

In general, the deals are good for travel during April and May all the way through June 8. You’ll find limited blackout dates right around the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

The country has been carved out into four fare zones for the purpose of this sale:

  • $49 for one-way travel within an 8-hour drive or roughly 500 miles of your home city
  • $89 for one-way travel up to 1,000 miles
  • $119 for one-way travel up to 1,5000 miles
  • $149 one-way for coast-to-coast travel

Go on to or and look for seats. If you can’t find these rates, then try a multi-airline search at, or

If you want spring travel, this is going to be your opportunity. Seats are pretty widely available for Monday through Thursday and Saturday travel after 3 p.m. too.

So if you can be flexible on departure dates, you’ll have an opportunity to save big money on spring travel.


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