Hotels spruce up after getting beat up by user reviews


New York has long had some of dumpiest hotels in America because they know people will stay in anything just to stay in the city! But that’s changing thanks to the power of the Internet, according to The New York Times.

A study out of New York University found that hotels are spending big bucks in New York and elsewhere to remodel after years of being rundown. Why? Because of websites like TripAdvisor where people post about the good, bad, and just plain ugly of the hotel room world. The strength of public posting forces hotel operators to spruce things up.

I’ve seen how great hotels are looking nowadays firsthand when I was on book tour in August. I was very happy with quality and cleanliness, and places that look sad from the outside have proven great inside.

As one example, I got a hotel on Hotwire for $50 in Tulsa. At that price point, I didn’t know what to expect. But the place was thoroughly renovated top to bottom. It was beautiful…and the $50, that was beautiful too!

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