Hotel industry launches booking site to compete with Priceline


The hotel industry has formed a cooperative website to offer deals on unsold rooms in a bid to compete with Priceline and their ilk.

This past year, I spent more than 100 nights in hotels as part of my travel for the show. One key I’ve learned is never book at a hotel’s own website. Almost always, they have higher prices.

Third party sites like and, plus in metro areas particularly, are my favorite places for booking. And I’m not alone; half of all hotel rooms are booked through third party sites such as these.

Of course, the hotels want a bigger piece of that action. So they have now set up a co-op called The hotel industry claims they will offer prices competitive with the Pricelines of the world on RoomKey in a bid to reestablish loyalty with customers.

I’m a skeptic, though. I don’t believe they’ll have competitive prices. I’ll monitor as I continue booking hotel rooms and report back to you!

Editor’s note: This segment originally aired Jan. 27, 2012

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