Holiday Inn readies fitness-themed hotel brand


If you travel a lot for work, you know how hard it is to eat right on the road, get a decent sleep pattern and get a workout in. Now there’s a new hotel chain that might be able to come to your rescue.

Having traveled for five months last year for my Clark Howard’s Living Large in Lean Times book, I was getting my hotels haphazardly, just whatever I got on Priceline or Hotwire. So I stayed in dozens of nice hotels, but they all had pitiful workout facilities. In city after city, I had to use my YMCA membership to go workout at the Y instead.

So when I saw the idea behind the EVEN hotel chain from the Holiday Inn people, I knew they were on to something. No locations have been announced yet but they’re coming.

When they do roll out, every EVEN location will have a massive fitness center that’s four times the size of a typical hotel gym, placed right off the checkout desk. All the menu choices will be designed to be healthy. The whole concept will be about staying fit and it’s a great product differentiator for Holiday Inn.

For me, I’m 100% into this idea, but being fiscally fit is more important than being physically fit on the road. So I’ll try to get it on Priceline, but I won’t pay more just to stay there.

When you are traveling and not getting your normal exercise, you have to come up with new creative ways to do it. Whether it’s walking, going to the Y or just standing while you read or watch TV instead of sitting.

Do whatever you can to not be sedentary. One of my favorite things to do is run in the streets. They’re already there and you don’t have to pay more to use them!

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