Free live TV when flying the friendly skies


Southwest has announced a sale on select summer travel dates, which could mean you have a perfect way to get away before the season ends.

Just visit and when you find a deal, enter promo code SAVE30 to get 30% off whatever deals you find on select travel dates.

Meanwhile, the airline is now offering free TV on all their planes that are equipped for it. This moves takes a page from the playbook of JetBlue.

Isn’t it funny that when Southwest was charging people to watch TV on their mobile devices, almost nobody watched it? So they’ve decided to make it free. That’s the marketplace at work!

Finally, Southwest recently has some very different showings in a couple of airline rankings. They captured the No. 2 spot in the American Customer Satisfaction Index, but came in at No. 8 on the 2013 Airline Quality Rating.

Sounds like my “girlfriend” needs a little help these days!

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