Detour gives you a super cheap way to explore new cities


Discovering a city’s true culture and history can be difficult if you’re on a short visit, and figuring out how to dive into that culture can be even harder.

This is where an app called Detour comes in!

Detour helps you tour cities for cheap on your own time

Guided tours can be fun, but you’re often stuck with a big group and it’s usually impossible to hear everything the guide has to say.

With Detour, you can explore and listen to the city’s stories at your own pace without the hassle ‘ or expense ‘ of a tour guide.

Detour gives you personal tours around some of the world’s most popular cities. The app combines the leisure of a museum audio tour and the adventure of a walking tour with a knowledgeable guide.

At about $5 per tour, Detour is a much cheaper and more convenient way to explore a new place without the constraints of a traditional tour.

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The tours are focused on an area of the city and have a theme ‘ like “Spies and Spirits” in Washington D.C. and “Saint Germain: The Golden Age of African-American Writers” in Paris, France. San Francisco boasts the most tours with thirteen different options.

The best thing about Detour is that the app allows users to learn about and explore cities on their own time. Tour pages online, as well as in the app, also offer tips like the best times to start each tour and how much money you might spend at a certain stop.

New tours in Seoul, South Korea, and Tokyo, Japan, have been announced for release later this year — along with other new cities across the globe.


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