Delta to offer upgrade to private jet


ATLANTA, Ga — Delta says the new Private Jet Experience could begin this week and aims squarely at “high-value customers.” 

The airline says “medallion” customers in their SkyMiles frequent-flyer program will be eligible for the upgrades. For now, there won’t be a large number of the planes and most service wil focus on the East Coast.

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Would you pay the extra cash to upgrade?

“This is truly a groundbreaking new approach from both industry standpoints,” VP or operations James Murray told Bloomberg Business. “Nobody else can do what we’re talking about doing.”

The perk will pair nicely with other big roller benefits like driving “lucrative passengers from one flight to another in luxury cars, allowing them to bypass the airport terminal gauntlet.”

Bloomberg also reports the service would cut down on empty leg flights, saving Delta a significant amount of money.

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The company confirms flights will cost an average of $300-$800, and they will expand the program if it meets with early success.

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