Clark returns from Paris trip with kids


If you like to travel for as little money as possible, Europe has some deals to offer you!

I’ve just returned from taking my 3 kids on a trip to Paris with a quick stop in London. Summer is usually shoulder season for European travel and I typically avoid it, but right now people aren’t going because of the economic problems on the Continent. So seats went on sale and we went!

The funny thing is, both my executive producer Christa and her two kids and senior producer Kim and her boyfriend also took advantage of the deal. I didn’t see Kim except at the airport in London, but my kids and Christa’s kids hung out one day in Paris.

Everything was cheaper over in Europe. My kids and I were in a magnificent 5-star hotel that cost 80 euros a night ($100) right on the central Paris line of the Metro. The kids were stunned at how large the room was; no closets that masquerade as a suite here! Plus, everything was very inexpensive compared to times past as the euro has lost so much value as a currency.

In England, I could not get tickets for the Olympics for a good price, so we didn’t go to any Olympic events. But we still had great time. There was a festive atmosphere in the usually reserved London. On Tower Bridge, an elderly gentleman came up and talked to me and I could tell he was so full of pride and joy about the Olympics.

We rented a flat in London and paid a very decent price of 82 pounds a night ($130).

If you’re looking for a deal on travel, Europe is so cheap because of the economic crisis. Countries like Portugal and Greece can’t find any tourists. The key is to wait out the airlines while looking for good offers. Those who book early will get hosed. Wait it out and wait for the steal, when the airlines realize there aren’t any customers!

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