Travel deal alert: The best cheap Spring Break destinations for 2018


After a long, cold and snowy winter, Spring Break season is just around the corner!

Want to get away? According to a study, there’s good news and bad news for the millions of Americans who will be traveling throughout the U.S., Caribbean and Mexico in search of beaches, nightlife and culture.

Spring Break 2018 travel trends

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First, the bad news. Spring Break 2018 (March 17 – April 28) will be 2% more expensive on average than last year, according to the study!

But here’s the good news: Some of the most popular destinations — including Playa del Carmen, San Diego and Panama City Beach — will actually be cheaper throughout that seven-week travel period.

Here’s where Spring Break travelers can save on accommodations this year:

Week of March 17th – 23rd

Ocean City, Maryland
  • Ocean City, Maryland: 29% cheaper
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico: 7% cheaper
  • Tampa, Florida: 9% cheaper

Week of March 24th – 30th

Cancún, Mexico
  • Cancún, Mexico: 23% cheaper
  • Miami, Florida: 9% cheaper
  • Palm Springs, California: 14% cheaper
  • San Diego, California: 8% cheaper

Week of March 31st – April 6th

Clearwater Beach, Florida
  • Clearwater Beach, Florida: 10% cheaper
  • Key West, Florida: 12% cheaper
  • Miami Beach, Florida: 18% cheaper
  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: 26% cheaper
  • Orlando, Florida: 16% cheaper
  • San Juan, Puerto Rico: 22% cheaper
  • Santa Barbara, California: 12% cheaper
  • Santa Cruz, California: 25% cheaper
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia: 25% cheaper

Week of April 7th – 13th

Daytona Beach, Florida
  • Daytona Beach, Florida: 20% cheaper
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida: 15% cheaper
  • Las Vegas, Nevada: 6% cheaper
  • South Padre Island, Texas: 24% cheaper

Week of April 14th – 20th

Atlanta, Georgia
  • Atlanta, Georgia: 17% cheaper
  • Monterey, California: 7% cheaper
  • Nashville, Tennessee: 10% cheaper
  • New Orleans, Louisiana: 20% cheaper
  • Reno, Nevada: 42% cheaper
  • San Antonio, Texas: 28% cheaper
  • Savannah, Georgia: 16% cheaper

Week of April 21st – 28th

Atlantic City, New Jersey
  • Atlantic City, New Jersey: 25% cheaper
  • Corpus Christi, Texas: 40% cheaper
  • Panama City Beach, Florida: 6% cheaper

If you want to vacation on a budget, follow Clark’s #1 rule of cheap travel: Wait for a deal, buy it and then figure out why you want to go there!

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