Apps to help you speak and learn foreign languages


If you want to learn to speak a foreign language, it’s a slog to learn one. But now you can learn multiple foreign languages for free with an app that you download for your phone. Duolingo — and you see all the languages here you can learn. Spanish, French, German, Italian, including five others with others to be added over time. And you have to follow your languages day by day. They make you stick to it. If you don’t, you fail that day.

So the idea is to discipline you to amp up your knowledge. But let’s say that’s something you’re not going to do. But you need to speak to somebody who speaks a foreign language or you are taking a trip. Google Translate is unbelievable! It has just been updated and you’re able to speak a phrase in English and have it speak to someone standing there in whatever language they speak. They can speak back to you and it will translate it back in English for you. Completely for free! I’m Clark Howard. 

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