You can now swap your airline seat for cash


Most travelers know that flying has become an increasingly fee-laden way to get from Point A to Point B.

In light of recent price hikes for all things that just go along with flying, even from some of the discount airlines, it’s no wonder that weary travelers seem more budget conscious than ever. And frequent flyers are constantly looking for corners to cut when it comes to travel expenses. 

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Swap your seat for extra cash

Here’s the good news! 

A recently released app is offering a way for nickel-and-dimed travelers to make a little cash by simply swapping their seat. Picky passengers can use the new Seateroo app to electronically bid and pay other ticketed travelers on the same flight for much-coveted seats. 

And if you’ve got one of those sought-after seats, and are willing to give it up, you can put some extra cash back in your pocket.


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‘Apps have greatly enhanced the travel experience for many,’ Brad Pursel, president and founder of Seateroo, said in a statement. ‘After all, on almost any flight, there are going to be both people who wish they had a better seat as well as others who would like to save money on travel.’

To lower their travel costs, passengers with choice window or aisle seats can use the iOS app to list their seat location, set a price and see what offers roll in from other travelers who may want to escape their cramped middle seat or a crying newborn. When a seat seller accepts a bid, the app automatically charges the buyer’s credit card.

According to Seateroo, travelers who’d like to get a jump on their seat swapping can peruse the market for their flight up to five days ahead of their trip. Your ticket, travel itinerary and boarding pass information do not change. You can check out some FAQs on the company’s website here.

Penny-pinching passengers won’t net a fortune with this seat-swapping system (the minimum bid for any seat is $5), and Seateroo takes a 15% cut from every seller’s proceeds. The typical seat will likely sell for around $25-50 based on Seateroo survey results, and that can go a long way when it comes to recouping some of those sky-high airfares.


Released on Jan. 11, 2016, Seateroo is available for download in the App Store and is compatible with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. 

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